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Decking Screws

  • Composi-Lok™ Decking Screws Quik Guard®

    Square Composi-Lok™ Decking Screws 305 Stainless Steel

    #9 Diameter, Cap-Style Head, 305 Stainless Steel 
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    Cutting wings on the shaft counter-bore the deck board, helping to prevent fastener spin out. Cap-style head reduces mushrooming material, ensuring a cleaner-looking installation. Available with a Quik Guard ®; ; double-barrier coating and in stainless steel. #2 Undersized square drive. Sharp point. Pre-drilling recommended near board ends to prevent splitting. Driver bit included in each package.
  • Square Truss Head Wood Screw T17

    Square Truss Head Wood Screws T17 305 Stainless Steel

    305 Stainless Steel, Type 17 Tip 
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    #2 square drive truss head, coarse thread similar to Swaneze™ screws. Fasten all materials to wood or wood-substitute materials. Pre-drilling recommended – dependent on substrate
  • Swaneze Trim Head with Sealing Washers

    Square Trim Swaneze™ Decking Screws T17 305 Stainless Steel with Sealing Washers

    #7 Diameter, 305 Stainless Steel, Type 17 Tip, 302 Stainless Steel Sealing Washer 
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    Type-17 point for fast starts. Assemblies provide weathertight seal for use in exterior sheathing and roofing applications. Washers are 302 stainless steel bonded to neoprene and 5/8 " in diameter.
Results 21-23 of 2312