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Bonded Neoprene Sealing Washers 18-8 Stainless Steel

Bonded Neoprene Sealing Washers 18-8 Stainless Steel

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Neoprene Washer

Bonded Neoprene Sealing Washers 18-8 Stainless Steel

Where sealing properties are required, the conical design directs the flow of the elastomeric portion toward the problem areas. Where cushioning or vibration presents a problem, our full-face elastomeric material affords 100% protection.

Features Include: Quality elastomeric compounding to meet specifications for elasticity, memory, temperature extremes, chemical, ozone, and sunlight-resistance. Conical design directs flow of facing materials to form a seal conforming to both fastener and sealing surface. Full-face design cushions fragile surfaces and minimizes vibration.

Typical Dimensions: Metal Thickness is 20 Gauge / ~ 0.030 mils, and rubber thickness is 0.066" nominal. Washer assembly is coined to created a total thickness of 0.120 to 0.140, depending on washer size (before torque is applied). Inside diameter of rubber washer is designed to seal tightly to screw.

Bonded Neoprene Sealing Washers Stainless Steel
Screw Size Inner Diameter Outer Diameter
#8 .180 1/2
#10 .200 1/2
#12 .230 9/16
#14 .260 5/8