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ThruLOK® Screw Bolt Fastening Systems

ThruLOK® Screw Bolt Fastening Systems

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ThruLOK® Screw Bolt Fastening System

ThruLOK® Screw Bolt Fastening Systems

ThruLOK® is the newest edition to the FastenMaster LOK Line of structural wood-to-wood fasteners. ThruLOK® offers the speed of a LOK Line product and the strength of a through-bolted connection. ThruLOK® is a three-part assembly including a ThruLOK® fastener featuring the patent-pending Paddle Point, engineered washer and LOK-Nut. ThruLOK® comes in specific lengths that allow contractors to replace their 1/2" carriage and through-bolts in three primary deck applications:

  • 6 1/4" fastener - Single 2x to 4x Decking Posts
  • 7" fastener - Notched 6x Carrying Beams
  • 8" fastener - Double 2x to Single 4x Decking Posts
  • No pre-drilling required
  • Installs with an 18v cordless drill
  • Galvanized coating meets IRC ACQ corrosion requirement

Download FastenMaster ThruLOK® Technical Data