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TrussLOK® Engineered Wood Fasteners

TrussLOK® Engineered Wood Fasteners

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TrussLOK® Engineered Wood Fastener

TrussLOK® Engineered Wood Fasteners

The TrussLOK® Engineered Wood Fastener is designed for joining multi-ply LVL, LSL and PSL. This fastener was developed with direct input from a leader in engineered wood, Trus Joist®. TrussLOK® is faster, easier and stronger than through-bolts and other structural self-drilling fasteners with similar diameters. TrussLOK® is approved for single-sided installation unlike nails and other screws of similar diameter that need to be installed from both sides. #14 diameter shank.

  • No pre-drilling. Faster and easier than through-bolts
  • Higher side load capacity with fewer fasteners saves time and labor
  • Correct thread length for engineered lumber - No board jacking
  • Prevents gapping or cupping between plies which can occur in nailed applications
  • Winged point, modified thread design and anti-friction coating combine to significantly reduce installation torque

Download FastenMaster TrussLOK® Technical Data