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FastenMaster Log Home Screws

  • OlyLog Log Home Fasteners

    OlyLog® Log Home Fasteners

    OlyLog® Log Home Fasteners, #14 Diameter 
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    OlyLog® is the first threaded log home fastener which requires no pre-drilling and is ACQ approved. Since its introduction, OlyLog® has changed the way log homes are constructed. #14 diameter shank.
  • FastenMaster Log Hogs

    LogHog® Heavy Duty Log Home Fasteners

    LogHog® Heavy Duty Log Home Fasteners 
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    LogHog® is an extra heavy duty log home fastener, engineered for specific home construction applications. The LogHog®, with its oversized head, thicker diameter and additional thread, offers increased drawn-down and holding power. This fastener is corrosion resistant guaranteed.