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Toggler® Hollow Wall Anchors

Toggler® Hollow Wall Anchors

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Toggler Hollow Wall Anchor

Toggler® Hollow Wall Anchors

Toggler's new improved plastic toggle wall anchor with it's patented enhancements provides secure holding power for light and medium loads in all walls. Designed for optimum holding in hollow walls such as drywall and gypsum board, the anchor locks on walls and ceilings in its grip range for vibration-proof holding. That's why it's holding up the sprinkler system in the Tokyo subway! City officials wanted to make sure that the sprinklers would stay up during an earthquake. The anchor also holds securely and functions as a wedge anchor when it encounters a wall thicker than it's grip range. It functions as an expansion anchor in solid walls and in wooden studs.

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  • Toggler SNAPTOGGLE®

    Toggler SNAPTOGGLE® Heavy Duty Hollow Wall Anchors

    Bulk - SNAPTOGGLE® Heavy Duty Hollow Wall Anchors 
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    The third generation SNAPTOGGLE ® of this patented wall anchor comes with these improvements: new longer and stronger plastic straps that now work in base materials 3/8"" to 3 5/8"" thick straps that snap off flush with the wall every time, assuring precise alignment a new plating that is 7x more corrosion resistant than standard zinc plating.
  • Jobber Drill

    High Speed Jobber Drills - Fractional

    135° Split Point - Fractional Diameters 
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    Web construction is heavier than general purpose construction making it particularly suitable for cotter pin hole drilling and cross hole drilling in head of bolts. The heavy construction affords efficient drilling in stainless steel and other hard materials. The split point reduces the thrust requirements and minimizes walking.