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Toggler SNAPSKRU® Drywall Anchor Kits

Toggler SNAPSKRU® Drywall Anchor Kits

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SNAPSKRU with Combo Pan Sheet Metal Screw

Toggler SNAPSKRU® Drywall Anchor Kits

SNAPSKRU® anchors lock symmetrically on the wall and the ceiling for truly secure fastening. When activated with a screw, the SNAPSKRU® anchor opens with an audible "pop," locking the anchor on the wall. The drywall gypsum and its paper are kept in compression and thereby immediately reinforced, providing much greater holding power than other self drilling anchors that are just a small screw in a larger screw.

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  • E-Z Anchors

    E-Z Anchor® Self Drilling Drywall Anchors

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    The original self drilling drywall anchors for a variety of attachments in gypsum wallboard. No pre-drilling required.