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Short Lag Shields

Short Lag Shields

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Lag Shield

Short Lag Shields

This lag screw expansion shield is a die cast zinc alloy expansion shield for anchoring lag screws in a variety of base materials including concrete, concrete block, brick and mortar joints. ;Radial ribs provide additional holding power in softer material.

  • Hex Lag Screw

    Hex Lag Screws

    SAE J429 Grade 1 
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    Hex Lag Screws are manufactured from low carbon steel to meet SAE J429 Grade 1. Lag screws longer than 12 inches will have a minimum thread length of 50% of the screw length up to a maximum of 8 inches. Zinc plated material will meet or exceed ASTM F1941. Hot-Dip Galvanized material will meet or exceed ASTM A153. Typical hardness is HRB 70-100. Tensile strength (not pull out) will meet a minimum of 60,000 psi.
  • Jobber Drill

    High Speed Jobber Drills - Fractional

    135° Split Point - Fractional Diameters 
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    Web construction is heavier than general purpose construction making it particularly suitable for cotter pin hole drilling and cross hole drilling in head of bolts. The heavy construction affords efficient drilling in stainless steel and other hard materials. The split point reduces the thrust requirements and minimizes walking.