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HeadLOK® Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners

HeadLOK® Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners

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HeadLOK® Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners

HeadLOK® is a heavy duty wood screw that does it all and won't countersink. HeadLOK® offers higher design shear than 3/8" lag screws and no pre-drilling is needed. HeadLOK® zips right in and is ideal for many wood-to-wood applications including decks, fences, SIPs, kitchen cabinets and more.

  • Stronger design shear values than 3/8" lags
  • Sharp gimlet point for fast installation into wood and OSB
  • Aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength
  • Free Spider Drive bit in every package

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    FastenMaster Spider Drive™ Insert Bit

    Driver Bit for HeadLOK® Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners 
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    Replacement driver bit for FastenMaster's HeadLOK® Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners. 2 per package.