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Simpson NAILON™ Nylon Pin Drive Anchors

Simpson NAILON™ Nylon Pin Drive Anchors

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Nail-In Anchor

Simpson NAILON™ Nylon Pin Drive Anchors

Nylon NAILON anchors are low cost anchors for light-duty applications under static loads. The nylon shell acts as an insulator when used in electrical applications. The cold-rolled steel pin and mushroom head configuration make this anchor tamper resistant.

Download Simpson NAILON Anchor Technical Data
Download Simpson NAILON Anchor Material Safety Data Sheet

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    High Speed Jobber Drills - Fractional

    135° Split Point - Fractional Diameters 
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    Web construction is heavier than general purpose construction making it particularly suitable for cotter pin hole drilling and cross hole drilling in head of bolts. The heavy construction affords efficient drilling in stainless steel and other hard materials. The split point reduces the thrust requirements and minimizes walking.