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  • Square Flat Billy Goats™ Self Drilling Screw w/ Wings

    Simpson Flat-Head Self-Drilling Screws with Wings - Square Drive 410 Stainless Steel

    410 Stainless Steel, NIBS for Countersinking 
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    Fasten wood, plywood and fiber cement to heavier steel – up to .209" thick. #3 square drive. Machine screw thread, threaded full length. 2 1/2 " length for 2 x 4 wood header; 2" length for 1" and 3/4 " boards. Flat countersunk head with self-countersinking nibs. Shank slot enhances thread formation in steel and removes exhaust. Wings above drill point provide clearance hole in work piece so it won’t climb up the shank, then break off as point engages the steel substrate. Drilling thickness capacities: up to .209" (171 mils, 7 ga) for #12, up to .250" (229 mils, 3 ga) for #14.