Customers Call for More Investment in Shop Classes in Schools

HOUSTON, May 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- According to the latest business survey from FMW Fasteners, customers are calling for more investment in Shop classes.

Seventy percent of those surveyed said there's not enough emphasis in the curriculum on Shop classes in schools, with over 60 percent saying there should be more investment in Shop classes and 60 percent saying that investment has dropped when compared to ten years ago. Customers are calling for Shop classes to be protected with retiring teachers replaced.

"Our new administration, whoever that may be, needs to take note of the swell of opinion around the value of a continuing education for our new adults in Shop," says Steve Baker, Marketing Director, FMW. "There's a lot of noise around so many international issues, and I get that. But when it comes to educating our new adults, there has to be a common sense value added approach to ensuring continuing investment in Shop classes. What are we going to do when there's no one left to fix or build anything?

"Shop paves the way to a better understanding of applied maths and science. It can inspire invention and contribute to the creative arts – it underpins the English curriculum by ensuring students communicate and articulate instructions. Not all students go to college to study academic subjects, so what I'm saying is we need to ensure we strive for a balance in the continued education of our new adults that suits those with academic ambitions and those who want to shape, make and create. There's a real value in investing in our future craftsmen and women, yet it's seen as a dying subject in our schools. This is short-sighted and has to be addressed.

"What kind of outcry would there be if PE classes were to stop when the teachers retired. Not everyone is going to end up in the NFL or MLB, yet PE is seen as important. Shop has to be given the same status."

To arrange a conversation please contact Steve Baker at Email or call 713-688-6021.

Notes to editors:

The survey was undertaken between February 25, 2016 and March 11, 2016 with over 300 people choosing to participate.

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