Elevator Bolts

When working on construction projects and jobs around the house, you’ll find the need for high-quality grade A elevator bolts. These unique bolts are often used for tap drilling and clearance holes, but builders with all levels of experience appreciate our user-friendly designs for tasks large and small.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer elevator bolts that help you get your work done with accuracy in mind. You’ll see that we have a wide selection of elevator bolt options showcasing different sizes and dimensions. Make sure you have the best in grade A elevator bolts when you make FMW Fasteners your hardware provider.

What Are Elevator Bolts Used For?

Elevator bolts are an ideal solution in situations where flush connections are in order. It is common to find these devices along conveyor systems and delicate surfaces where countersinking is necessary to protect base materials. Featuring locking square necks and wide, flat heads, elevator bolts handle pressure and stress more effectively than standard bolts.

Consider using elevator bolts when you have access to both sides of a connection, as these units fasten via threading, washers and nuts. At FMW Fasteners, we bring customers elevator bolts with zinc-plated finishes for impressive corrosion resistance. Whether you're mounting pieces of wood or want to support layers of canvas material, our products cater to both indoor and outdoor endeavors.

Elevator Bolt Installation Process

Before installing an elevator bolt on a wooden surface, make sure you have an electric drill with an appropriate bit as well as a socket wrench for proper fastening. Start your installation procedure by identifying drill points and marking these areas with a pencil. Equip your drill with a bit large enough to suit the locking neck of the elevator bolt, create a pilot hole for mounting and clear the opening of any debris.

Guide the bolt through your materials and ensure the locking neck sits snug at the top of the opening. Then, look to the threaded side of the elevator bolt and place a washer under the fastening nut before tightening. Finally, use a socket wrench to increase tension on the nut until you feel resistance.

In the event you are installing elevator bolts on conveyor systems, always check for preexisting holes between structures. Elevator bolt dimensions will be influenced by your current setup, but the process for tightening nuts remains the same.

Benefits of Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts from FMW Fasteners keep your operations running smoothly, as these components stand up to excess vibration, temperature changes and even moisture. Where a standard bolt might loosen over time, an elevator bolt is reinforced by locking technology just below the head. As you tighten the fastening nut, the locking neck is pulled closer to your base materials, preventing unwanted movement and increasing consistency between jobs.

Using Elevator Bolts for Commercial Projects

FMW Fasteners partners with construction teams across the country to streamline daily tasks. If your crew is responsible for flooring installations, decking or building lofts, elevator bolts are fantastic for concealing connections. Installing elevator bolts is the perfect way to keep surfaces flat without the use of nails or wood screws that shift over time.

Aside from construction, our products stand as cost-friendly solutions for those working in agriculture and manufacturing. Thanks to our expanding inventory, you have the ability to replace bolts on conveyor systems that have seen better days. Each of our listings displays further information regarding intended use, sizing and grade. 

Residential Uses for Elevator Bolts

The sky is the limit at FMW Fasteners, as we strive to keep your options open by encouraging and enabling do-it-yourself home projects. Elevator bolts are involved in the assembly of automobiles, skateboards, snowmobiles and more, so our hardware accessories make it possible to perform maintenance on your own. For those interested in woodworking and increasing storage space around the house, try using our selections for original furniture, shelving and cabinet installations.

Strong Customer Focus and Fast Shipping

Tired of jumping through hoops to get zinc-plated elevator bolts and other materials? At FMW Fasteners, we offer a hassle-free customer experience to make ordering hardware as straightforward as possible.

You’ll find only competitive pricing across our selection, and purchases ship quickly after order confirmation. We have free shipping on all qualifying products. You can also return unused materials in like-new condition at any time, so go ahead and map out deadlines according to your schedule.

Order Elevator Bolts at FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we are passionate about our mission to deliver the finest quality hardware to the customers we consider family. No one caters to your commercial or residential projects quite like our team, and we take the time to build long-term relationships through our devotion to customer service. We encourage you to browse our online store for the latest advancements in fastening technology today. Just remember to check back regularly — our inventory is constantly expanding.

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