Decking Screws

Wooden decks establish wonderful outdoor spaces where you can enjoy life and make the most of your home. However, these areas are out in the elements year-round, which exposes materials to beating sun, pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Whether you’re part of a professional decking company or are a do-it-yourself enthusiast taking on a new project, you need the best deck screws to achieve desirable results.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer stainless steel deck screws for outdoor structures you can trust. We also provide a wide selection of hardware and accessories that give you options for completing any task. When you demand premium exterior decking screws, no one caters to your home or business like FMW Fasteners.

Tough Decking Screws

Nothing is more important than securing reliable materials when installing or repairing an exterior deck. At FMW Fasteners, we bring customers only the toughest and most durable exterior deck screws on the market.

Our high-performance decking screws fight corrosion and include threading that eliminates the need for pre-drilling. The exterior decking screws on our online store countersink into installations for a flush appearance, and they’re optimized to prevent unwanted stripping.

What Are Decking Screws Used for?

Decking screws from FMW Fasteners are the perfect route for treated wood installations taking place along the outside of homes, schools, restaurants, hotels and beyond. This type of fastening technology is similar to a wood screw, but you will find these devices feature sharper tips, deeper threading and longer lengths to secure soft and hardwood base materials. If you are trying to build a permanent wooden structure outside, decking screws are ideal for fastening two or more pieces of wood together for consistency between connections.

We encourage customers to order decking screws for projects involving thick sections of lumber. Whether you are focusing on roofing, flooring or original furniture, our products drive deep into base materials for heavy load support. You'll save both time and effort with decking screws as units install in a matter of seconds using standard tools you already own.

Wood Screws vs. Decking Screws

Wood screws and decking screws serve a similar purpose, but are engineered for different applications. Although both types of fasteners are self-tapping, decking screws are equipped with broader head shapes and sharper tips for ease of installation. Wood screws are suitable for the assembly of fixtures such as cabinets and shelving, while deck screws allow you to mount materials for patios, fences and docks.

You can think of decking screws as powerhouse wood screws. When you have to set the foundation for walkways or elevated surfaces, decking screws are developed for changing temperatures, inclement weather and frequent sun exposure.

Why Buy Decking Screws?

Decking screws are a much safer choice for fastening pieces of lumber compared to traditional nails. As long as you have an electric drill with the appropriate bit, you can fasten screws effortlessly to the correct level of tension. Deck screws at FMW Fasteners are some of our most cost-friendly accessories for heavy-duty mounting, as there is virtually no additional hardware (nuts, washers or bolts) necessary for placement.

How to Install Decking Screws

The process for installing deck screws starts with lining up boards across a wooden frame and marking drill points with a pencil. Equip an electric drill with a compatible bit for your deck screw head, and make sure you switch to a medium speed setting. Place the tip of one of your deck screws over the drill point and begin fastening the device until it stands up by itself.

With the decking screw started in the base material, move both hands to your drill and continue to drive the unit into the board until your accessory is flush with the surface. Always be sure to position yourself over the decking screw to ensure the hardware installs completely straight. Screws that drive in at a slight angle put the structural integrity of your deck at risk.

Decking Screws for Commercial Applications

FMW Fasteners wants to help construction professionals exceed client expectations with the hardware and accessories across our one-stop shop. If your team is responsible for building decks in commercial locations, our solutions keep you on track to meet deadlines and open doors for new opportunities. Consider placing an order for decking screws if you perform any of the following jobs:

  • - Assemble outdoor furniture
  • - Install patio areas or lofts
  • - Build privacy fences for pools and spas
  • - Repair roofs
  • - Construct wooden stairs 
  • - Create docks for boats and local beaches

Using Deck Screws for Residential Projects

We are proud to open our inventory of decking screws to homeowners and independent contractors. The sky is the limit at FMW Fasteners, as our products are user-friendly and bring home renovations to life. While these screws are designed for decking applications, we commonly see our listings included in the following personal projects:

  • - Making an outdoor pool bar
  • - Designing treehouses 
  • - Building storagesheds

Make FMW Fasteners Your Hardware Provider

There are endless options for high-performance deck screws online, but you won’t find the same blend of affordable pricing and quality that you’ll get at FMW Fasteners. We deliver merchandise quickly, grant free shipping on all qualifying products and have a hassle-free return policy that lets you send back anything in like-new condition, no questions asked.

While other providers default to bulk numbers, you can place a custom order from FMW Fasteners in any quantity you need. This allows you to keep a project within budget.

Are you ready to start your next decking project? Make sure you have the best deck screws when you choose FMW Fasteners as your go-to provider. Search through our selection of exterior deck screws, and place an order at your earliest convenience!