Metal to Wood Screws

Service professionals, contractors and do-it-yourself enthusiasts require a wide range of fastening solutions to complete their projects and get their work done on a daily basis. Metal-to-wood screws are important additions in a collection of fasteners to secure for specific projects or to have on hand as needed.

At FMW Fasteners, we have a variety of different metal-to-wood screws, including hex washer head pole gripper screws both with and without bonded washers. These metal-to-wood screws are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards for quality and durability. You can always count on reliable performance when you choose metal-to-wood screws from our selection.

What Are Metal to Wood Screws?

When you need to attach metal to wood substrates, you need the right screw that will hold the two together and blend in with the metal. Wood-to-metal fasteners are specifically made for this purpose and can help you attach metal roof panels and others to wood surfaces. These screws also come in different powder-coated paint options, so they blend in with the metal you're using.

These screws are perfect for residential metal roofing applications when you're connecting wood to metal. They're incredibly durable and provide superior holding strength to ensure the wood and metal stay connected. Even in the harshest weather environments, our wood-to-metal screws will hold up and provide lifetime protection.

Whether you choose our metal and wood screws with or without the attached washers, you'll receive powerful tools for securing crucial junctions. These screws are made from carbon steel and fully threaded along the body, providing premium security post-installation. Their special paint coating makes them near waterproof, and they were tested to withstand over 1,000 hours of salt spray exposure and resist rust buildup or acid rain decay. Sizes range from 9 by 1 inch to 10 by 3 inches, so they're suitable for even the largest builds.

What Are Metal to Wood Screws Used for?

Besides fashioning metal roof panels to wood, wood-to-metal fasteners are used for a variety of other applications, including:

  • Installing metal siding to wood substrates
  • Fastening steel roofing in post-frame and residential construction projects
  • Attaching seam roof clips to plywood, OSB or wood purlins
  • Sidewall installed into wood grits
  • Aluminum liner panel applications
  • Animal confinement structures

For residential applications, you need wood-to-metal screws that are durable, high-strength and ready to withstand extreme weather conditions. At FMW Fasteners, we have multiple screws that will form a seal and connect wood to metal along a building's roof or siding. Even if you drive the screw through the metal and wood at an angle, you'll still get an excellent seal.

Wood-to-metal screws are invaluable to the construction industry. As opposed to larger fasteners, wood-to-metal screws have an attractive appearance and won't rust over time. You can use them to attach metal roofing in post-frame and residential construction, or even use them to create the perfect structure for animals on a farm or at a processing center.

Why Choose FMW Fasteners?

FMW Fasteners offers the customer service you need to find the right wood-to-metal fasteners for your application. Our extensive inventory and our ability to find exactly what you need sets us apart. Whether you want to work on your home or need screws for your construction business, we have what you're looking for.

We ship metal and wood screws all over the country, so whether you're in rural Alaska, New York City or the Virgin Islands, you can get the tools you need for your next big project. Our Texas warehouse is ready to send out orders at a moment's notice, and most of our orders leave our facility for delivery within two business days. Also, if your order is over $100, you may qualify for free shipping!

Whatever you order, we'll take care of the logistics, too. Simply place your order and watch for your package — we can handle everything else. And if you have leftover product once you're done with your project or our metal-to-wood screws don't work the way you expect them to, you can return them. We accept returns from any delivery so long as the materials are in like new condition.

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