Sheet Metal Screws

Sheet metal screws are designed for use in metal fastening, just as the name suggests. But screws for sheet metal can also be used on other materials, including rubber, plastic, plywood and more. This versatility makes stainless steel sheet metal screws an essential component in your collection of fastening materials for construction projects. They provide a powerful hold thanks to their ability to cut a mating thread while driving. These sheet metal screws are durable, too, and they can often be reused if needed.

We specialize in all fasteners at FMW Fasteners, and we carry a wide selection of sheet metal screw sizes to ensure our customers always enjoy the access they need to the materials their work requires. Make sure you’re delivering the best results on your projects when you choose screws for sheet metal from FMW Fasteners.

Sheet Metal Screws for Commercial Projects

Starting a commercial construction project? You’re likely to need a wide range of sheet metal screw sizes. And that’s just what you’ll find at FMW Fasteners. We are your source for high-quality and highly accessible sheet metals screws of all kinds and in all specifications.

We understand your project is on a schedule and a budget, which is why our customer service process is designed to quickly deliver the affordable screws for sheet metal you need for upcoming projects. Make sure you’re getting the best in materials when you choose FMW Fasteners as your provider of stainless steel sheet metal screws.

Sheet Metal Screws in All Sizes for Residential Use

We don't serve contractors and construction professionals alone. We also serve DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who need to make repairs around the house. You enjoy the same ready access to our wide selection that includes many sheet metal sizes and other fastening products. Professional-quality projects begin with professional-quality materials, and you can get the high-quality sheet metal screws and other materials you need at FMW Fasteners.

Choose FMW Fasteners for Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Screws

When you choose FMW Fasteners, you’re choosing quality and affordability. You’re also choosing speedy and affordable shipping, with free shipping when you buy $100 or more. Order in the exact quantity you need rather than settling for some arbitrarily chosen bulk quantity. Didn’t use everything that you ordered? You can return any stainless steel sheet metal screws you don’t want or need at any time, as long as they stay in like-new condition — we don’t have an expiration on returns.


Ready to get the best in sheet metal screws for your next job? FMW Fasteners is ready and waiting with a huge selection of screws for sheet metal that represent the highest levels of quality.

Examine our selection and find sheet metal screws for your next project.