Hanger Bolts

Threaded hanger bolts are typically used to attach or suspend items from wood. These headless studs are critical for success in various commercial construction and do-it-yourself residential projects. Regardless of the type of project you’re working on, make FMW Fasteners your primary hardware provider. We offer a vast selection of fasteners and accessoriesfor you to choose from.

When you want the best materials for important jobs, trust the FMW Fasteners online store for threaded hanger bolts and beyond.

What Are Hanger Bolts?

A hanger bolt is a two-sided fastener with threading on each side. On one end of the device, you will find lag threads engineered to grip the inner layers of wooden base materials. On the opposite end, machine screw threading is present so you can incorporate nuts, washers or tapped inserts for additional stability.

Hanger bolts are one of the most common types of fasteners used in the electric and furniture-making industries. The purpose of this hardware is to provide a method for fastening two unique objects together in a way that makes them adjustable and removable. If you are thinking about mounting a new set of legs to a table, couch or desk, hanger bolts are an effective route for a clean install.

At FMW Fasteners, we stock our online store with hanger bolt designs in stainless steel and zinc-plated finishes for durability and corrosion resistance. Suspend sheet metal, wiring and wood with a variety of hanger bolt sizes and dimensions across our one-stop shop. As long as you have a drill, wrenches and fastening nuts, you can install hanger bolts in no time.

Installing Hanger Bolts

Start your hanger bolt installation process by identifying where you want the hardware to sit on a wooden surface. Mark a drill point with a pencil, then equip an electric drill with a bit that is slightly smaller than the lag thread dimensions. Drill a pilot hole in the base material until it is deep enough to suit the lag end of the hanger bolt.

Guide the hanger bolt into the opening, and use your fingers to screw a fastening nut onto the machine threads. Repeat this step with a second nut until both hardware pieces make contact. Use a wrench to hold the first nut in place on the threads, and use an additional wrench to tighten the second unit, ensuring both components are side by side.

Tighten the second nut with a wrench and watch the hanger bolt twist into the base material. Continue tightening until you feel some resistance. Then, remove both nuts and you're ready to fasten the assembly to a tapped hole or insert.

Using Hanger Bolts for Commercial Applications

Construction companies across the country turn to FMW Fasteners for convenience and expertise. Why do these construction professionals trust us? We take the time to build relationships with our customers, and we offer fast and efficient shipping. Our approach to doing business helps construction crews serve their own clients by keeping deadlines right on schedule.

Builders and construction professionals rely on hanger bolts for organization and safe mounting. These hardware accessories make their way into a variety of commercial spaces, including schools, hotels, restaurants, offices and shopping centers, because they are versatile and capable of trustworthy installations and overhead applications. Place an order for hanger bolts from FMW Fasteners if your team works with safety railings, mounts fuse boxes, or stores electrical wiring and cables.

Residential Uses of Hanger Bolt Fasteners

We proudly work with do-it-yourself fanatics who need threaded hanger bolts for home improvement and renovation projects. We know DIY enthusiasts are always aiming to create professional-grade results, so we supplydependable threaded hanger bolts and other hardware.

FMW Fasteners invites property owners to browse our inventory for products and accessories that bring your home improvement visions to life. Whether you just enjoy woodworking or have furniture that could use a repair, our hanger bolt selection enables you to save money by completing jobs yourself. We often see our hanger bolt fasteners involved in home projects such as:

  • - Hanging hooks for outdoor plants
  • - Making coat racks
  • - Fixing legs on couches and tables
  • - Adding supports for shelving

Experience a Hassle-Free Ordering Process

Discover only competitive pricing when you shop at FMW Fasteners. We fulfill orders as soon as possible, and qualifying products are eligible for free shipping. You can also send us back unused products in like-new condition since we have no expiration date on returns.

The experts at FMW Fasteners allow you to order your hanger bolt selections in the quantity you desire. There’s no preset amount when ordering in bulk, and custom orders are cost-effective for smaller tasks on the job.

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