SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits

Does your work depend on rotary hammer machining? Some materials, like bricks and stone, are just too hard to be effectively worked on by a standard drill. For these situations, the SDS, or Slotted Drive Shaft hammer drill was created. This is a drill that functions as both a hammer and a drill, using a percussive action to hammer a hole in the brick or similar material for drilling. Naturally, for a drill of this type, standard drill bits are not sufficient, which is where our SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits come in.

Take a look at the different options below:

SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits are carbide-tipped drill bits designed for the harsh and repeated impacts of SDS rotary hammer drills against tough materials. It’s important to have the right SDS Plus Hammer drill bits if you want precise and accurate results.

Why Choose FMW Fasteners for Your SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits?

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a wide range of SDS Plus Hammer drill bits to suit a range of SDS hammer drilling needs. This range includes:

  • The Premium SDS Plus Hammer drill bit, featuring a tungsten carbide tip with a copper silver brazed head and a flute design for better penetration and less blowback.
  • The SDS Plus eVolution Hammer drill bit, a 4 x 90 head symmetry bit with four symmetrical spiral ridges that drills all aggregates, including rebar, with less breakage and vibration.
  • The SDS Plus X-Cutter Hammer drill bit, a double spiral bit with faster drilling speeds, faster dust removal and less vibration that leaves clean, round holes.

All of these drill bits are strong enough to drill through masonry, stone and brick aggregates.

We’re committed to offering a huge selection of SDS Plus Hammer drill bits, as well as other products and materials because that’s the best way to ensure you have access to what you need when you need it.

The superior service that goes with our superior fastening products includes free shipping on orders that qualify and hassle-free returns, meaning you can order as many drill bits as you want and just return the excess. As long as they are in the same, unused, like-new condition as you received them, you can return them any time, the next day, the next week or years from now, for a full refund.

You’ll find both competitive pricing and fast shipping when you choose our selection for your SDS Plus Hammer drill bits.

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We realize that which drill bits you choose for your SDS Plus Hammer drill is crucial, which is why we are eager to give you any assistance you may need. We have a team of experts ready and waiting to hear from you. Just contact us with the information about your project and your goals, and we will assist you in finding and ordering the proper SDS Plus Hammer drill bits or whatever drill bits you may need.

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