Metric Hex Bolts

For unmatched strength and durability, choose metric hex bolts for your construction projects. Metric hex head bolts are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, but they often find use in automotive fields for securing engines, suspensions, headers, exhaust manifolds, intake manifolds and more.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer an enormous selection of high-quality hardware products to ensure you have access to what you need exactly when you need it. Discover metric bolts in a variety of sizes and styles to keep your project timelines right on schedule.

What Are Hex Bolts?

Hex bolts are commonly referred to as "machine bolts," and these devices fasten objects together using a nut or tapped hole. These pieces of hardware are ideal in situations where you have access to both sides of a base material or connection for fastening. The hex bolts on our online store feature six-sided heads and drive into place with a wrench or socket-tool for stability and long-term mounting support.

Hex bolts are an excellent route for builders with all levels of experience, as these fasteners are fully removable and install in seconds using common tools. Easily assemble equipment onsite or use the hardware to secure objects made of wood and steel. Look no further than our one-stop shop for metric hex bolts in stainless steel and zinc-plated finishes for corrosion resistance both indoors and out.

Benefits of Metric Hex Head Bolts

The experts at FMW Fasteners want to help you with all your professional and personal projects, and we are confident you will find our hex bolts user-friendly. These products also install flush with base material surfaces for a clean appearance. Whether you choose a fully threaded or partially threaded design, you can expect substantial fastening results that stand up to vibration and changing temperatures year-round.

Metric hex head bolts are appealing to our customers because the units drop down into pre-drilled holes and tapped holes for accuracy. Instead of relying on wood or metal screws to grip base materials, hex bolts stay in place as long as you have a compatible nut. You can achieve increased torsion power installing with a wrench versus a standard screwdriver or drill attachment.

Installing Hex Bolts

The process for installing a hex bolt starts with aligning the items you wish to mount or fasten together. Decide how many bolts you will need to complete the project, and mark drill points with a pencil. Attach the appropriate drill bit for your materials, then drill a pilot hole for the hex bolt threading to pass through.

Push your hex bolt through the opening, and make sure to place a washer and nut on the threading. Use your fingers to tighten the nut until the washer makes contact with the base material. Repeat these steps for each hex bolt you have, and use a socket wrench to fasten the fixture together until you feel some resistance.

When installing hex bolts into tapped holes, installations take seconds to complete. Simply line up the items you wish to fasten and guide hex bolts through threaded inserts with a socket wrench.

Metric Hex Bolts and Commercial Uses

Metric hex bolts are great for construction crews working with local schools, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. Whether your team is renovating a commercial space or building an entirely new facility, our products provide you with the tensile strength necessary for safety and consistency between projects. Place an order for hex bolts on our online store for the following tasks:

  • - Building docks
  • - Installing support beams
  • - Setting up highway guardrails
  • - Fastening HVAC systems
  • - Mounting fuse boxes

Residential Projects and Hex Bolts

Are you a do-it-yourself homeowner seeking professional-level results? You have access to the same selection of bolts and hardware as our commercial construction partners. We'll set you up for success and give you the satisfaction of completing jobs entirely on your own. 

FMW Fasteners enables you to take control of your own home with products and accessories for personal projects. Use our metric hex head bolts to make original furniture, increase storage space with shelving or even build cabinets for the kitchen. The sky is the limit when you make FMW Fasteners your primary hardware provider, and we have the hex bolt sizes and styles for repairs, replacements and beyond.

Get Hex Bolts in Custom Quantities

We’re always on call at FMW Fasteners. When you need metric hex bolts in custom quantities, we have options at competitive prices. We offer fast and efficient deliveries as well as free shipping on qualifying products. Order in the exact quantity you need and feel free to return anything you don't use after your project is complete. We accept metric hex bolt returns in like-new condition no questions asked.

FMW Fasteners: Your Source for Metric Hex Bolts

Your metric hex head bolts are in stock and ready to ship. The next time you are about to start a project, click through our expanding inventory for the latest fastening technology. We'll make sure you stay on track to reach assignment deadlines with affordability and convenience in mind.

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