Plastic Screw Anchors

Perfect for light-duty work, plastic screw anchors are simple to use. If you’ve ever struggled with concerns that your wall will not hold the screws you’re using, our blue plastic screw anchors and ribbed plastic anchors are the answer.

Plastic screw anchors and ribbed plastic anchors (available in gray or white) are suitable for use in drywall, sheetrock, plaster, concrete, block, tile, brick and anywhere you need to fasten a screw for extra support. Molded collars make these plastic anchors ideal for use in both hollow and solid materials. Made from PVC plastic, anchors from FMW Fasteners work well with both sheet metal screws and wood screws.

Why Use Plastic Screw Anchors?

Standard screws can create unwanted wall damage, especially if personal belongings (such as picture frames) get knocked down. Plastic screw anchors allow you to preserve the indoor surfaces of your home, as each device reinforces mounting stability upon placement. Usually, homeowners go searching for structural beams to hang up home decor, but our products enable you to follow your vision when a stud is unavailable in the perfect spot.

FMW Fasteners is your one-stop shop for commercial and residential hardware, so we bring you plastic screw anchors that install in just a matter of seconds for seamless mounting. Whether you just purchased a new bathroom mirror or want to showcase a canvas painting, our plastic screw anchors are dependable for the lightweight loads you need to keep in place.

Installing Plastic Screw Anchors

Placing one of our plastic screw anchors is simple, and the installation process calls for minimal tools for a job well done. First, decide exactly where you want to install a screw anchor and mark the base material with a pencil. Then, equip an electric drill with a bit no larger than the anchor and create a hole in your wall or surface.

Clear the pilot hole of any dust or debris using a vacuum or compressed air and you are ready to guide the anchor sleeve through the opening using a hammer or your finger. Continue pushing the anchor piece into the wall until the accessory is flush with the base material. Now, hold up the item you want to mount and screw your installation into place for support.

Plastic screw anchors from FMW Fasteners have expansion shields that grip the inside of a wall or surface. As you turn a screw into the device, small teeth open up to provide additional strength for the weight of your object.

Commercial and Residential Uses of Plastic Screw Anchors

Plastic screw anchors are suitable for a number of materials, but it is important to remember these accessories are designed for light loads. Plastic is not indestructible, so installing more than one of these tools is common for commercial purposes. Construction crews and woodworkers frequently use plastic screw inserts for applications such as installing cabinet doors.

Homeowners and do-it-yourself enthusiasts utilize plastic screw anchors for a variety of static loads. Easily fasten framed posters, whiteboards, decorative clocks, paintings and more with products from FMW Fasteners. We help you to protect the condition of interior walls and surfaces against cracks, chips and punctures with installations that will last for years to come.

Benefits of Plastic Inserts for Screws

FMW Fasteners invites customers to browse our inventory for plastic screw anchors. We are confident we have the sizes you demand for quick mounting on-site. Standing as one of the most affordable routes for securing wall fixtures, plastic screw anchors are user-friendly and appeal to customers with all sorts of industry backgrounds and levels of experience.

If you doubt that your wall is strong enough to hold standard screws, we highly recommend you use anchors. Without anchor accessories, regular hardware may end up falling out of the wall, bringing your project to a complete stop. Use our plastic screw anchors from the start of your task and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hardware will be supported long after the job is complete.

Placing Your Order at FMW Fasteners

Planning for a small job and unsure how many anchors you need? That’s fine! We’re happy to fill your order regardlessof how many plastic anchors you want — even if it’s just a few for now. Of course, if you’re doing a big job and want a large order, we offer bulk discounts as well.

FMW Fasteners is proud to offer our customers free shipping on all qualifying products. We'll keep your project schedule right on time with the latest additions to our online store. Use what you need on-site and just send back what you don't use for a convenient, hassle-free return.

If there's any chance you'll need plastic anchors before your next job and you’re fresh out, let us know before you start. We have all the plastic anchors you could possibly need, and all at the right price. Place your order for plastic screw anchors at FMW Fasteners today!