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Plastic Screw Anchors

Perfect for light-duty work, these plastic screw anchors are simple to use. Simply drill an appropriately-sized hole into your material, insert the anchor and then screw through the fixture into the plastic screw anchor. If you’ve ever struggled with concerns that your wall will not hold the screws you’re using, our blue plastic screw anchors or ribbed plastic anchors, available in gray or white, are the answer.

These plastic screw anchors and ribbed plastic anchors are suitable for use in drywall, sheetrock, plaster, concrete, block, tile, brick or anywhere you need to fasten a screw where you require more support. The molded collar makes these plastic anchors suitable for use in hollow material as well as solid material. Made from PVC plastic, these anchors work equally well with sheet metal screws and wood screws.

If you have any doubt that your wall is strong enough to hold your screws, we highly recommend you use our anchors, which come in a variety of sizes for different screw types. You don’t want to discover too late that you needed anchors, when the screws are coming out of the wall and your job is falling apart.

Use our plastic screw anchors from the start when necessary and enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing your screws are supported throughout the job.

For Fast and Easy Ordering of Affordable Plastic Anchors, Order From FMW Fasteners

Perhaps you’re doing a small job and only need a few plastic anchors. Or maybe you’re not sure how many you need and want to order a few now and see how it goes. That’s fine. We’re happy to fill your order, no matter how many plastic anchors you want — even if it’s just a few for now. Of course, if you’re doing a big job and want a larger order, we offer a bulk discount.

You’ll also save on shipping. We’re great at shipping and will get your order to you fast at a low rate, but if you decide to order $25+ worth of product, we’ll completely take care of those shipping charges for you.

Doing a subpar construction job because you don't know where to get good plastic anchors would be a tragedy, especially since it's so easy to get them through FMW Fasteners. If there's any chance you'll need plastic anchors before your next job and you’re fresh out, let us know before you start. We have all the plastic anchors you could possibly need and we have them at the right price.

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