A307 Grade A Carriage Bolts Zinc Plated

Carriage bolts serve as the foundation for so many projects, whether you’re a construction professional or a do-it-yourself enthusiast who wants professional-grade results. By choosing zinc plated A307 carriage bolts, you’re choosing some of the most durable carriage bolts on the market. These are high-quality materials that will add strength to your project while also fighting corrosion over the long-term.

What Are Carriage Bolts?

A carriage bolt, also known as a coach bolt or a plow bolt, is a type of fastener. They are often made from stainless steel, though many different materials can be used.

Carriage bolts typically have a flat tip, square neck and a round head, and they are threaded along a section of its shank. The square neck is designed to keep the bolt from rotating while the nut is tightened, and the round head provides a finished look once installed. 

What Are Carriage Bolts Used For?

Carriage bolts are typically used for wood applications to fasten wood to wood or wood to metal. Industries that rely on carriage bolts include:

  • - Railroad
  • - Mining
  • - Farming
  • - Water treatment

Stainless steel carriage bolts are resistant to scratches and corrosion for exceptional quality and longevity. A307 carriage bolts are also zinc-plated, which gives them an extra layer of corrosion resistance and makes them ideal for exterior and underwater applications. 

How to Use Carriage Bolts

To use a carriage bolt, you will need to pre-drill a hole that fits the size of the bolt. Because the bolt head is round and smooth, it can't be drilled directly into the material. 

Once you've drilled the hole, insert the carriage bolt. If it is a tight fit, you can use a mallet to gently guide it into position. 

Next, attach the washer and nut to secure the bolt in place. Put the washer on the bottom side of the bolt first, and then screw on the nut. The washer will help to reduce the risk of damage to the material as you tighten the nut.

If you need to remove a carriage bolt, twist the nut with a socket wrench until it comes off of the bolt, or until you can remove it by hand. Then gently hit the bolt from the bottom with a hammer or mallet to ease it out of the hole until you can pull it out the rest of the way from the top.

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