Adhesive Anchors and Accessories

Professionals operating in the industries of construction and road maintenance rely on adhesive anchoring systems for safe results. Adhesive anchors work to secure building structures, bridges, wooden support beams and more when fastening objects to thick surfaces such as concrete, brick and pavement. FMW Fasteners supplies adhesive anchor bolts, hardware and epoxies for a job well done, so you can come to us to find everything you need to complete commercial and do-it-yourself home improvement projects.

We invite customers to browse through our adhesive anchor products for projects large and small, as selections can be ordered in bulk or smaller quantities to suit your needs. FMW Fasteners wants to help you support large loads both indoors and outdoors, so our inventory is optimized for changing temperatures and various types of masonry to handle stress between connections for long-lasting results.

The Need for Adhesive Anchoring

Adhesive anchors allow you to secure building materials, attachments and machines through the surface of walls, flooring and concrete slabs. This method for securing heavy-weight objects involves drilling and filling openings with epoxy solutions that seal anchor bolts and hardware from inclement weather. Leaving metal screws exposed year-round leads to corrosion and weakness, but adhesive anchoring equipment is an effective way to block out moisture and keep fastening hardware from shifting over time.

How do you install adhesive anchors? Placing adhesive anchors depends on your project's structural layout, but this process starts with lining up a base material where you intend to place it. Draw a marker where you want to install an adhesive anchor, and drill this section of concrete to suit the size of the bolt you want to use.

Guide your drill bit out of the concrete, and remove any dust from the opening using a vacuum and hole-cleaning brush. Fill the opening with epoxy, slowly twist or hammer your bolt through the hole and clean the area of excess adhesive. Once the epoxy dries, you may continue with construction or begin to assemble your fixture.

Adhesive Anchors for Commercial Use

Construction crews utilize adhesive anchors to map out building foundations, walkways, road systems, floor levels and beyond. This process essentially binds metal materials to concrete for increasing the strength of threaded bolts. Common applications of adhesive anchors for commercial use might include:

  • Creating supports for bridges
  • Mounting HVAC systems to rooftops
  • Building walls out of bricks or cinder blocks

Adhesive Anchors for Residential Use

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can learn how to install adhesive anchors for a variety of home improvement projects. Homeowners can create accent walls and barriers surrounding a backyard garden or even build a brick enclosure for an outdoor fire pit. Regardless of your vision, FMW Fasteners brings you everything necessary to utilize adhesive anchors across your residential or commercial space.

We'll set you up with the equipment and accessories you need for a clean install at budget-friendly prices. From manual dispensing tools to high-strength epoxy adhesives, the FMW Fasteners customer service team is here to help!

Get the Tools You Need Faster Than Ever

When customers search our collections of adhesive anchor bolts, wall screws, washers and more, they know they're getting quality equipment for any job they have. We want you to have tools that last as long as you need them to, and then some. Unlike other suppliers, we don't make you buy more than you need, and we offer free shipping if your order is over $100.

Speaking of shipping, we take as much pride in our delivery as we do the equipment. FMW Fasteners strives to send out every order within one to two business days from purchase, and we ship anywhere in the United States — even the territories! Once you place your order, we'll take care of the rest. All you have to do is keep an eye out for your package.

If you find you've ordered too much or your adhesive anchor bolts are not quite what you need, the FMW Fasteners team will be happy to help you figure it out. You can return anything to us as long as it's still in like new condition for a refund or replacement.

Reach Out to FMW Fasteners for Adhesive Anchors

FMW Fasteners offers customers a large selection of adhesive anchor attachments and accessories. From high-strength epoxy adhesive to the tools and accessories you need for a clean application, we have it all. Also, with our tool experience and knowledge, we're confident we can assist anyone from novice DIYers to experienced professionals in their operations.

We keep your commercial and residential projects right on schedule with quick shipping options and hassle-free returns. Place an order for adhesive anchors, bolts, nozzles and more online at your earliest convenience!