Bulk Drywall Screws

Proper drywall installation is an essential finishing step to give homes a finished and pleasing look. For the best drywall installation or repairs, skilled contractors and do-it-yourself homeowners need the highest quality drywall screws available for an attractive, useful result. However, not all drywall screws are the same, and you need to select proper fasteners to suit your specific project and installation requirements.

By selecting the proper type of drywall screw with appropriate sizes and thickness for your particular project, you can experience a smoother installation process and minimize damages to the drywall materials.

When you need dependable, high-quality drywall screw solutions, look no further than the selection of drywall screws available at FMW Fasteners. We offer the largest selection and variety of bulk drywall screws, available in several lengths and screw sizes to suit any project specifications. By offering our customers the best selection of drywall screws, we can ensure you find the right fastener solutions without having to settle for sub-par products that won't get your job done correctly.

Finding the Right Drywall Screw for Your Installation

Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all drywall screw to easily install any drywall material, and not every home or building features the same products. Many older buildings will have layers of plaster over wood frames. When penetrated, the materials will often crack and become damaged — the best type of fastener for this type of drywall is a self-drilling drywall screw or a screw with coarse threads.

In newer homes with updated drywall — plaster sheets that are wrapped in paper layers — and in ceiling drywall, use a small drywall screw in a size designed to support the weight of the materials.

When finding the right type of drywall screw for your installation job, always match the screw size and length to the size of the wall in addition to the weight of the drywall to ensure the screw can manage and support the load properly.

Quality Drywall Screws Only at FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a wide variety of options to suit any type of drywall installation need and have the largest selection of screw sizes and lengths as well as different finishes, drill tips and head types available — including black phosphate and zinc coatings, Phillips bugle, pancake, modified truss and square heads. All of our different drywall screw features are available in the following types:

  • Coarse Threading
  • Fine Threading
  • Self-Drilling
  • K-Lath
  • Laminating

When you rely on FMW Fasteners for all your drywall screw needs, we assure you'll find exactly the type of screw you need in the right specifications. We also pride ourselves on offering a variety of bulk ordering options to easily accommodate project sizes large and small.

Explore Our Wide Selection Today

At FMW Fasteners, we're always open for you to explore our wide selection of available drywall screws and find the perfect solution for your next project. Browse through our variety of drywall screws and fasteners and choose the type you need in the size, length and quantity needed. We ship quickly to keep your project on schedule and even offer free shipping on all qualified orders.