Framing Screws for Sale

Not all framing screws are created equal. When you’re choosing screws for framing, you need hardware that’s going to countersink well without stripping or splitting, and you need options that are corrosion-resistant and that will stand the test of time.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer only the best framing screws — options that drive easily and that perform well under pressure. Structural framing is difficult work that demands precision and strong materials, and structural framing screws from FMW Fasteners are your best bet for creating the outstanding results you need for your next project.

The Best, Most Diverse Selection of Framing Screws Only at FMW Fasteners

By choosing the right type of framing screws for your next job, you can have a smoother, more efficient and cost-effective installation process and minimize any damage to your materials. When you need the highest quality and most dependable framing screws available in a range of drive and head types, look no further than the diverse selection of fasteners only available at FMW Fasteners. With our framing screws, you’ll never have to settle for poor quality products — we ensure you’ll find the proper framing screw to complete your job correctly the first time, leaving behind reliable, long-term results.

Self-Drilling Framing Screws

For any type of building project, having the right tools and fasteners determines how effective the final product will be, as well as how quickly and cost-effective the complete job is — that’s why we offer our customers the highest quality self-drilling framing screws available. Self-drilling screws feature an innovative tip design that mimics the functionality and look of a drill bit. Framing screws with a self-drilling tip allows users to quickly and smoothly install screws without a pre-drilled hole. The tip creates the correct-sized hole initially for the threads to easily catch.

Our selection of self-drilling drywall screws are specially manufactured according to the highest standards for improved, more consistent long-term performance and feature:

  • A pan head Phillips drive with a low profile and vertical edges for easy, fast installation and removal later, if needed, without damaging the fastener, tool or surface materials
  • The self-drilling tip design for faster installation with minimal site preparation, reduced mess and little surface damage
  • Fully-threaded screw design for easy installation, better weight distribution and secure fastening for long-lasting results
  • Added threads beneath the screw head for improved locking strength between the fastener and surface material for better stability and security
  • Zinc, black phosphate or black oxide screw platings that are cost-effective as well as practical. These coatings offer improved moisture resistance and corrosion, rust control as well as a professional, clean finish. Black phosphate finishes also boast improved installation friction for an improved hold and long-term stability.

Framing Screw Types and Materials for Superior Results

At FMW Fasteners, we understand the difficulty of finding quality framing screws that fit your specific needs at value prices — in addition to our selection of self-drilling Phillips drive framing screws, we also have thread forming framing screws available in Phillips and square drive options for added project flexibility and installation options. These types of framing screws are best used for securing wood materials to concrete, brick or other hard surfaces. All of our framing screws are available in several sizing options with a black oxide coating for mild corrosion and moisture resistance, as well as a better appearance.

Framing Screws for Commercial Projects

Construction firms are often framing for projects, and they often need quality framing screws that help them work quickly while delivering outstanding results. Construction professionals turn to us at FMW Fasteners because we deliver high-quality screws for framing that can help them do their best work.

Framing Screws for Residential Projects

Framing isn’t just limited to construction professionals, either. Many do-it-yourself enthusiasts are often framing for other projects, and they too need screws for framing that they can count on. At FMW Fasteners, we deliver professional-grade materials whether or not the customer is an actual professional. Our commitment to offering the best products to all customers from all backgrounds is at the heart of our overall commitment to quality.

Fast, Affordable Framing Screws for Sale Only at FMW Fasteners

Framing is serious work that requires serious materials — and a serious supplier you can trust when you need framing screws fast. At FMW Fasteners, we offer the best framing screws at the most competitive prices. You can order in the quantity you want rather than purchasing structural framing screws in predetermined bulk amounts.

Plus, enjoy fast shipping on orders large and small and get free shipping on all qualified orders. You can also return any unused or unwanted products in like-new condition at any time — there’s no expiration date on returns.

Find Your Framing Screws at FMW Fasteners

Our selection, ordering process and shipping methods are designed with a focus on you, the customer. We know your material needs are often urgent ones, and we know you don’t have time to shop around for the right materials at the right prices. That’s why you can always count on the selection at FMW Fasteners for competitive prices. And you can always count on fast shipping that gets your screws for framing from our front door to yours as fast as possible. Get the best framing screws and enjoy the best customer service when you choose FMW Fasteners as your supplier.

See our selection of steel framing screws and wood framing screws, and find the materials you need.