Structural Bolts

Reliable fasteners are at the heart of all construction jobs. Finding the right bolt for your assignment is essential, as this is no area to cut corners. If you want bolts that are durable, reliable and built for tough conditions, FMW Fasteners is here with our collection of A325 heavy hex bolts.

For your shopping convenience, our A325 bolts range in lengths from ½ inch to 1-1/2 inches to meet a variety of construction needs.

What Are Structural Fasteners?

Structural bolts from FMW Fasteners are designed for steel-to-steel connections and follow guidelines set by the ASTM. These products are engineered to withstand intense loads across professional building projects and roadways for safe travel and efficiency. Crews can utilize our selection of structural bolts to create support joints, as the pieces are threaded for fastening via a washer and nut.

Typically, you’ll use these high-quality steel bolts with a hardened washer. The A325 bolts have a flat and wide bearing surface with a chamfered point. Your crew will appreciate the exceptionalpower and endurance of these structural bolts. A325 heavy hex bolts conform to ASTM A325 and A490 for greater tensile strengths and yields.

The structural bolts on our online store are valuable in situations where you need increased stability across bearing surfaces. The Type 1 A325 bolt is a medium carbon steel bolt that can be galvanized for structural steel joints surroundingyour most demanding construction operations.

Installing Structural Steel Bolts

It is important to recognize that the installation methods for structural bolts will look different based on industry, the weight of your load and the level of accessibility you have to connections. Construction professionals want to make sure that steel materials are as close together as possible to create a "snug tight" fit. Before you begin the installation process, ensure the steel plates are free from damage for proper load distribution.

Start your installation by lining up the steel materials you want to fasten. Take one of your structural fasteners and guide the hardware through the opening in the base material. Remember to place a washer on the threaded side of the bolt, and screw the nut on top until you make contact with the steel plate.

Construction projects usually involve multiple structural fasteners to complete a job, so repeat this process until all necessary bolts are in place. Verify that the steel plates are where you need them to be, and use a socket wrench to tighten the hardware. The level of torque you use to secure connections is specific to your job requirements, but it is common to tighten center bolts first and move your way outward.

Structural Steel Bolt Safety Tips

Always install structural bolts in desirable conditions. If there is any buildup of moisture or corrosion around steel components, replace the structural parts or allow the area to dry before mounting pieces together. Water and rust interfere with the installation of structural steel bolts by making the tension levels difficult to gauge.

Additionally, structural fasteners are not to be used more than once. Construction sites undergo inspections frequently, so discard bolts immediately after removal or replacement.

Commercial Applications of Structural Bolts

Structural bolts from FMW Fasteners are manufactured to ASTM A325 Type 1 Specifications for high-stress situations surrounding road and construction work. Our carbon steel products showcase short thread lengths for improvements in overall shear strength, which is useful for applications involving large beams and scaffolding. At FMW Fasteners, we aim to streamline your daily tasks, so our inventory caters to commercial projects including:

  • - Installing railroad tracks
  • - Bridge construction and maintenance
  • - Creating the foundation of buildings
  • - Attaching girders to warehouse ceilings
  • - Fastening steel plates to road systems

Our selection of structural fasteners serves to provide long-lasting solutions for construction assignments large and small. Both our plain and hot dipped galvanized bolts feature high corrosion resistance for indoor and outdoor use.

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FMW Fasteners is your ideal supplier of A325 structural bolts for sale. We don’t put any strict limits on the size of your order. Request small custom increments or bulk quantities to suit your responsibilities. You'll discover a number of bolts in different sizes, as our inventory is constantly expanding with the latest fastening hardware technology.

The experts at FMW Fasteners are always looking to connect you to the best deals on structural bolts and other fasteners. Free shipping is available with all qualified products, and we pride ourselves on a hassle-free return policy. FMW Fasteners delivers the high-quality bolts you demand quickly, so you can complete your job on time.

If you find you need a different size or quantity of structural fasteners for your project, you can send back all like-new products, no questions asked.

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