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A325 Heavy Hex Bolts

Reliable fasteners are at the heart of most construction jobs. Finding the right bolt for the job is crucial. This is not an area to cut corners. You want bolts that are durable, reliable and built for tough conditions. In many cases, that means A325 Heavy Hex bolts.

If you’re looking for structural bolts for sale for serious, heavy construction jobs, you want these A325 structural bolts. We offer A325 bolt length ranging from ½ inch to 1-1/2 inches to meet a variety of construction needs.

Typically, you’ll use these high-quality steel bolts with a hardened washer. The A325 bolts have a flat, washer-faced bearing surface with a chamfered point. You will appreciate the great strength and durability of these structural bolts. A325 heavy hex bolts conform to ASTM A325 and A490, which you would select for greater tensile strengths and yield.

These heavy hex structural bolts will prove quite valuable in situations where you need more strength across the bearing surface, thanks to the six-sided head that is much thicker than the head of a standard structural bolt.

The Type 1 A325 Heavy Hex structural bolt is a medium carbon steel bolt that can be galvanized and that you will find most often in structural steel joints in heavy construction projects.

Order Your A325 Structural Bolts from FMW Fasteners, the Number One Location for All Your Fastener Needs

Whether the construction project you’re currently working on is large or small, FMW Fasteners is your ideal supplier of A325 structural bolts for sale. We don’t put any strict limits on the size of your order. Order ten bolts if you only need ten, 100 if you need 100, or any other amount that suits your purposes. Order a number of bolts of different sizes or all the same size. We’ve got plenty in stock, and we’re more than happy to fill any size order anytime.

And no matter how many you order, you’ll always save on shipping. Every order over $100 comes with free shipping, and smaller orders come with only a modest flat-rate shipping charge. Whether you need a few bolts for a one-time do-it-yourself construction project or a large order for a major job, FMW Fasteners can deliver high-quality bolts to you fast, so you can complete your job on time. FMW Fasteners is your one-stop construction fastener stop.

If you’ve been struggling to find the bolts you need, don’t delay. We’ve got the bolts you need at competitive prices, and we’re ready to ship them right over to you now. Order all of your Type 1 A325 Heavy Hex structural bolts from FMW Fasteners today.