Cabinet Screws

Cabinets are essential for storage, and they can also enhance a room's aesthetic. Along with being well-painted and stylish, your screws for cabinet mounting should match the design scheme and fit your cabinet's precise measurements so that you can hang and connect them with ease. For the widest selection of size, color and head options for cabinet installation screws, choose FMW Fasteners. We have an extensive inventory of some of the most high-quality screw brands available.

When you need screws for cabinets, you need hardware that’s going to stand the test of time. Seasoned cabinet installers know that it takes a great deal of effort and the right kinds of tools that achieve the perfect look, feel and stability. The right cabinet mounting screws are designed for the task at hand and have enough strength to deliver durable performance for many years to come.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of cabinet installation screws to ensure that cabinet contractors and do-it-yourself installers have access to the parts they need at prices they can afford. Our selection includes flathead screws, Phillips screws, square screws, lubed screws, zinc plated screws and black oxide screws.

Types of Mounting Screws for Cabinets

The size and shape of a screw, plus its head type and drive type, all determine the screw's strength and usefulness. While it may seem easy to just grab a screw and attach your cabinet or its door, not using the right cabinet hanging screws can result in potential dangers if they aren't strong or sturdy enough to keep your cabinet in place.

When choosing screws for hanging cabinets, here's a quick guide to all of your options.

Screw Length and Gauge

The length of the screw is one of its most important features — if the screw is too short, it won't be able to hold two materials together. Meanwhile, a screw that's too long can poke through the pieces, creating a safety hazard or an unappealing look. At FMW Fasteners, our cabinet mounting screw options range from ½ inch to 3 inches long. 

When choosing the screw's length, look for one long enough to completely penetrate the top piece and at least half the thickness of the bottom piece. For example, if you're attaching two 1-inch pieces, a screw 1 ¾ inches long is a viable option.

Screws are also measured in diameter, known as the gauge. The range of gauges is from 2 to 16, with a #8 gauge being the most commonly used. The thicker the material, the thicker the gauge you'll need. For very heavy cabinets, you might need screws with a gauge of 12 or 14.

Screw Head Type

A screw's head type determines the type of drive you use when installing it, the strength of the attachment and the final appearance of the project. Some options include:

  • Flathead: A flathead screw sits flush with the edge of the cabinet, creating an unobtrusive appearance that blends well. 
  • Round head: Round head screws are typically used when the screws themselves will be visible, as the rounded head adds a decorative touch. The smooth edges of the rounded head reduce the chance of something snagging on the exposed surface. 

Whether flat or round, cabinet mounting screws come in various sizes, finishes and drive types. A flathead driver has a wedge-shaped, flat tip while a Phillips head driver has a plus-sign-shaped tip. Square drive screws have a tapered, square-shaped recess and are ideal for use with wood. Their square-shaped drive opening reduces the chance of cam out, or having the driver slip out of the screw head while working. 

Screw Material

Screws for hanging cabinets are available in different materials, among them carbon and zinc-plated steel and steel with a black oxide finish. Zinc plating provides a silvery look, while black oxide screws have a more subtle finish. Coated and plated options are more resistant to rust and corrosion, making them ideal for installation in high-humidity environments like bathrooms.

Cabinet Material 

Another thing to consider when choosing cabinet screws is the type of materials comprising your cabinets. Wood cabinets typically require wood screws, while you'll want to choose fasteners labeled for use with particle board if your cabinets are primarily made from this material.

Also, think about the weight of your materials. Wood creates a beautiful, long-lasting result, but most solid wood fixtures are quite heavy. As a result, they often require screws specifically designed for wooden cabinet mounting so that they don't bend or warp under the weight. With plywood, acrylic or other, lighter options, you may be able to get away with a lighter screw, but it's still important to use an appropriate option for the material.

Plain vs. Lubed Screws

You typically need less torque to attach cabinets using lubed screws. Although screw lubrication is rarely talked about, especially in non-commercial settings, it can be the key to a longer-lasting cabinet configuration. This is especially true if you plan to store cans, large equipment or other heavy-duty products within the cabinets.

A dry cabinet mounting screw is prone to galling. Galling refers to the screw distortion that can occur with excessive friction. When you have to apply more force or torque to put a screw in place, the screw threads can fray, dent or otherwise become malformed. This disfigurement affects the overall integrity of the screw's bearing load and makes it more challenging to remove or replace. When you want to avoid galling, choose lubricated cabinet installation screws.

If you're not sure which option is right for your project needs, the FMW Fasteners team is happy to help you decide.


Whether you're a seasoned cabinet builder and installation expert or a homeowner tackling a new cabinet installation project for the first time, you strive to have a beautiful, functional result. At FMW Fasteners, we strive to offer exceptional cabinet installation screws and products to meet your project specifications, reduce your overall expenses and exceed expectations.


At FMW Fasteners, your success is our success. If you’re a commercial cabinet installer, we want to connect you with the affordable, high-quality cabinet wood screws and other cabinet hanging screws that you need to do your job and create outstanding results for your clients. If you’re a do-it-yourself homeowner and want to hang your own cabinets, we want to equip you with the very best in cabinet installation screws — materials that will help you get the job done.

We've provided cabinet hanging screws, bolts and more to construction teams and homeowners all over the United States, including U.S. territories. We aim to deliver expedient shipments that allow you to focus on your project instead of figuring out cargo logistics. As soon as you place your order, we'll have it shipped out within a few business days so that you can install your cabinets faster.

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