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Hex Lag Screws

FMW Fasteners offers a wide range of domestic hex lag screws for a range of fastener needs. When it comes to fasteners with forged heads, the hex head lag screw is the industry standard. We offer hex lag screws that are zinc-plated, hot dipped galvanized or 18-8 stainless steel, in a variety of lag screw sizes to meet your job’s specific construction requirements.

Our stainless-steel hex head lag screws are perfect for attaching metal to wood in situations where you are not able to use a nut. These screws are also convenient for situations where you would use a bolt but cannot find one long enough for full penetration of the wood. These screws are extremely durable, high-quality screws and can be easily used by builders of all skill levels.

Keep in mind that lag screws may be a little different than the screws you’re used to working with, especially if construction is not a part of your typical activities. These screws tend to be much bigger than ordinary screws — at least an inch long and a quarter-inch think. They also do not thread directly into the wood like typical wood screws — you will need to drill a hole first.

You will find that lag screws can support a much heavier load than a typical wood or sheet metal screw, so you’ll want to use them for more strenuous load applications. All lag screws are hex head screws, so there’s no need to specially seek out hex head lag screws.

FMW Fasteners for All Your Hex Head Lag Screw Needs

We pride ourselves on catering to both the weekend do-it-yourselfer and the professional construction worker, so we’re happy to fill orders of just a few hex lag screws or hundreds. Whatever you need is fine with us. And if you only need a few to complete a specific job, don’t worry — our prices are competitive and our shipping costs are low.

If you place an order that’s just over $25, we’ll take care of the shipping for free. You’ll get your screws fast and at no additional cost. And if you order the wrong size or wrong type of screw, just take advantage of our no-hassle return policy and send them back.

When you have a construction project ready to go, you shouldn’t have to worry about where to find the right fasteners, how much they will cost, how many you can order or how quickly you’ll get them. When you use FMW Fasteners as your one construction fastener location, you can focus on getting the job done. So, don’t wait — order your fasteners from FMW Fasteners now.