Hex Head Lag Bolts

FMW Fasteners offers a wide range of hex lag screws for all of your mounting needs. When it comes to fasteners with forged heads, the hex head lag screw is the industry standard. We stock zinc-plated, hot dipped galvanized and 18-8 stainless steel products in various sizes to meet your specific job requirements.

Our screws are extremely durable and appeal to builders of all skill levels. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to attach two pieces of wood but are unable to use a nut, look no further than our one-stop shop for lag screws ideal for commercial and residential applications.

What Are Hex Lag Screws?

Hex head lag screws are commonly referred to as "lag bolts" or "coach screws" due to their rugged size and appearance. You can think of these pieces of hardware as reinforced wood screws that install using a nut driver or ratchet set for maximum torque. The purpose of these screws is to fasten two pieces of heavy-duty lumber together in a way where connections stay tight for long-term mounting results.

Keep in mind that lag screws may be a little different than the screws you’re used to working with, especially if construction is not a part of your typical routine. These screws tend to be much larger than ordinary screws (at least an inch long and a quarter-inch thick), and the devices require you to pre-drill a hole before placement.

You will find that lag screws can support heavier loads than wood or sheet metal screws, so you’ll want to use them for more strenuous applications. All lag screws feature hex head designs, so there’s no need to search for alternative setups.

How to Use Lag Screws

Begin your installation by aligning the items you want to mount and mark drill points with a pencil for accurate placement. Swap out your drill bit for an attachment slightly smaller than the diameter of your hex lag screw, and use a clamp to keep items from moving. Drill a pilot hole in your wooden surface deep enough to suit the length of the hardware, and remember to clear the opening of dust and debris using a vacuum or compressed air.

After the pilot hole is clear, thread the lag screw through the object for mounting, and tighten the unit to the base material with a ratchet set. Continue to fasten the lag screw assembly until you feel some resistance and the item is flush with the wooden surface. You are now ready to remove the clamps and assess the job.

Hex Head Lag Screws: Fastening Tips

FMW Fasteners wants customers to understand that drilling a pilot hole is essential for safe and successful fastening. These tools are designed to be installed as straight as possible to handle the loads you apply. Lag screws that sit crooked or are not driven deep enough into the base material can break or splinter wooden surfaces.

It is recommended that you inspect a wooden base material before mounting objects. In the event you are using hex lag screws outdoors, double-check the structural integrity of wooden surfaces for any signs of rotting or water damage.

Lag Screws for Commercial Applications

Do you own a construction company or perform specialized installations? FMW Fasteners carries hex lag screws that will streamline your daily responsibilities on-site. Regardless of whether you're working with a school district, local restaurant, hotel or theme park, our products let you take on new opportunities for a job well done.

We frequently see our hex head lag screws utilized for increasing storage space, remodeling projects and setting up the layout for outdoor living spaces. Consider placing an order with FMW Fasteners if your team engages in the following activities:

  • - Building decks
  • - Creating lofts
  • - Installing cabinets and shelving
  • - Placing wooden support beams

Lag Screws for Residential Uses

Lag screws from FMW Fasteners are the key to bringing your home improvement visions to life. The products on our online store cater to individuals with all levels of experience and are excellent for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. The days of using glues and adhesives to fasten wooden objects are over since our lag screws are suitable for all kinds of personal projects, including:

  • - Making a fence 
  • - Building a treehouse in the backyard
  • - Fastening outdoor furniture (tables and benches)
  • - Mounting decorative trims
  • - Establishing a border for a garden

Order Your Hex Head Lag Bolts at FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we pride ourselves on catering to both the weekend do-it-yourself fanatic and professional construction teams. We’re happy to fulfillcustom orders of just a few hex lag screws or hundreds at a time. Even if you only need a few to complete a specific job, our prices are competitive and we offer low shipping costs.

We encourage customers to browse our inventory for hardware and accessories, as qualifying products are eligible for free shipping. You’ll get your screws fast, and if you order the wrong size or type, you can take advantage of our no-hassle return policy to send them back.

When you have a construction project ready to go, the last thing you want to worry about is where to find the right fasteners, how much they will cost and how quickly you can have items delivered. Instead, use FMW Fasteners as your hardware provider so you can focus on getting the job done. Click through our online store now and place your order today!