Cotter Pins Zinc Plated

If you work on machines, cotter pins are an essential fastening tool to have in your arsenal. At FMW Fasteners, we supply zinc-plated cotter pins in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your needs. 

What Are Cotter Pins?

A cotter pin is a two-pronged fastener made from a malleable yet durable metal for easy handling and superior structural support. They are ideal for securing machinery pieces in place and acting as a locking mechanism when used with a nut and a bolt. Cotter pins can operate under high tension and pressure, ensuring that the nut will not become loose. 

How to Measure Cotter Pins

For optimal performance, it's essential to choose cotter pins that are the correct size for your application. A cotter pin needs to fit tightly for a durable and reliable hold, and the pin needs to be long enough that it fits through the holes with room left over to bend the prongs.

Consider these factors to select the best size for your applications:

  • Width: Measure the diameter of the hole in which the cotter pin will be placed and look for a pin that has the greatest width that will fit within that hole.
  • Head size: The head size should be large enough that the pin won't move over time but also won't prevent other pieces from moving.
  • Length: Compare the length of the hole to the cotter pin's shortest leg. The cotter pin's prongs should be longer than the hole so they can be effectively bent. If you can't find the exact size you need, choose a larger pin and cut it to fit. 

How to Install Cotter Pins

Once you have the correct size cotter pins, they will need to be carefully installed. Follow these basic steps, and be sure to adjust as needed based on your project specifics: 

  1. Insert the pin in the hole of the bolt so its head is flush against the bolt. 
  2. Use pliers to bend the pin's prongs in opposite directions to secure the pin. Try to round the points so they look back in at the fastener to prevent them from catching on anything.
  3. Clip excess length. Leave enough to prevent the pin from slipping through the bolt, but remove enough that the pin does not snag or cause jams.

Once a cotter pin is bent, it loses its strength upon removal, so it's best to replace a cotter pin rather than reuse it. 

Why Buy Cotter Pins From FMW Fasteners?

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