Order Bolts Online for Any Purpose

Bolts are a foundational component in any significant construction project. When you’re taking on a residential or commercial job, you need bolts that can fasten structural components, create joints and deliver the performance you expect.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a large selection of structural bolts, carriage bolts, hex lag screws and more. We offer a diverse selection so you always have access to the hardware needed for a job welldone. Whether you’re taking on a weekend do-it-yourself project or running your own construction company, you can make sure you’re getting the best in bolting products when you choose FMW Fasteners as your supplier.

The Need for Bolts Online

The bolting products on our online store enable you to connect the dots when assembling and installing fixtures, structural beams, machinery, equipment and anything else you want to stay together long-term. There are a number of methods for fastening objects, but bolting hardware keeps your processes simple without the need for adhesives or heating treatments. We understand the importance of having hardware on hand, so we encourage customers to click through our inventory for bolts in unique dimensions to keep projects on schedule.

Why purchase bolts online? FMW Fasteners saves you time and money in the event you misplace pieces on-site or assignments change unexpectedly. Whether you own your own automotive shop or lay the foundation for commercial buildings, we supply the bolting products necessary for joint replacements and upgrades.

Advantages of Online Bolts at FMW Fasteners

FMW Fasteners prides itself on creating relationships with our customers. We want your business and home projects to thrive for years to come, so we stock our inventory with bolts for indoor and outdoor use. You'll be able to engage with new opportunities in many environments, as the majority of our bolts and hardware are available in zinc-plated and stainless steel forms for incredible corrosion resistance.

We give you the satisfaction of knowing connections are secure, with the ability to withstand vibrations, inclement weather and changing temperatures. Instead of welding or using forms of glue, our collection of online bolts lets you focus on individual parts and sections of complex systems. Bolting products call for little maintenance, and you can recycle components depending on your industry.

Alternative fastening methods force you to funnel resources into expensive training, safety equipment and tools, but FMW Fasteners provides you with cost-effective accessories for consistency between jobs.

Choosing an Online Bolt Store

It is crucial to shop for bolts with your intended use, sizing and category in mind. Overlooking the details surrounding your project is a hazard to everyone involved, so FMW Fasteners will help guide you through the selection process. Consider the following information when clicking through any of our bolting products:

  • - Carriage Bolts: Carriage bolts showcase a flat-bottomed, mushroom-shaped head and work to fasten wood materials through the use of a hammer.
  • - Hex Lag Screws: These pieces are similar to wood screws but are much larger and able to accommodate massive loads. Customers can use lag screws to attach lumber to base materials with a ratchet set.
  • - Hex Bolts: Use hex bolts for high-stress applications where you are mounting materials such as steel and wood to bridges, roadways and structural beams.
  • - Structural Bolts: Structural bolts are engineered to support tough construction conditions and significant tension. These products undergo a strict approval process by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).
  • - Metric Hex Bolts: These bolts offer identical benefits to standard hex bolts with metric sizing for automotive purposes.
  • - Hanger Bolts: Hanger bolts are headless stud designs suitable for fastening objects to wooden base materials.
  • - Elevator Bolts: This type of bolt contains a flat head for soft surfaces and conveyor systems.


Bolts for Commercial Applications

FMW Fasteners caters to professionals in construction with bolts on our online store. Regardless if your team is building a school, hotel or restaurant from the ground up, we have the hardware you demand for the ideal outcome. We see our products involved in the creation of outdoor decks, docking locations and even plumbing systems for reliable holding.

Residential Uses for Bolts

Placing an order for bolts online is a fantastic idea if you enjoy woodworking and building your own furniture. With our selection, do-it-yourself enthusiasts have access to the tools needed for projects such as attaching legs to chairs, hanging up shelves and building cabinets for additional storage. The experts at FMW Fasteners can help you get the most out of your home with quick deliveries and hassle-free returns.

Quick Bolt Shipping and Seamless Returns

Timelines and budgets are primary factors in the construction industry. We want to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem, so we offer free shipping on all qualified products. Get the exact number of bolts you want without the commitment of preset quantities by placing a custom order.

Unsure exactly how many bolts you need? FMW Fasteners accepts all like-new returns no questions asked, and there is no expiration window for flexibility surrounding your projects and assignments.

Choose FMW Fasteners for Bolt Products

Since 1986, FMW Fasteners has been connecting construction pros and do-it-yourself fanaticsto bolts and hardware for outstanding results. We make finding obscure parts simple. When you’re striking out at the local hardware store, discover exactly what you've been looking for by clicking through our online shop.

We offer fast and affordable shipping to fulfill orders as quickly as possible. If you didn’t get what you need, or if the bolts and screws aren’t performing, return them at any time. Browse our collection of bolts online, and place an order with FMW Fasteners today!