Reduced Shank Drill Bits

Do you need reduced shank drill bits for your construction project? If you do, FMW Fasteners can supply them. Perhaps you’re not sure if reduced shank drill bits are right for your job. If your construction job requires fastening any pieces together, and most do, you will usually want a power drill or cordless screwdriver to quickly, precisely and easily drive your screws into your workpiece. As you may know, such a drill or screwdriver requires a bit — a piece that engages with the screw to drive it in. In some cases, this bit will be a reduced shank drill bit, such as the ones below:

A drill bit is made up of three basic parts:

  • The tip, which is the part that engages with the screw drive.
  • The shank, which fits into a part of the drill called a chuck, which turns the bit once the power is engaged.
  • The torsion zone, which is the part in between.

Your bit must have the right tip to fit your fastener and the right shank to fit your drill chuck.

A Wide Variety of Shank Drill Bits So You Can Find What You Need

In some cases, the bit you want to use may not fit your drill because the diameter of the bit is too wide for the chuck. In these cases, you want reduced shank drill bits. These are drill bits with a smaller diameter than standard drill bits to accommodate your drill, allowing a tight grip for the torque and accuracy you need.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a vast selection of fastening parts and products, including 1/4, 3/8 and 1/8 reduced shank drill bits. Having these reduced shank drill bits on hand helps ensure you can fasten with ease and confidence whenever needed. We have reduced shank drill bits with a roll forged from M2 high-speed steel for drilling into materials as strong as cast iron and steel and cobalt reduced shank drill bits that are ideal for drilling into low and medium tensile strength materials.

If you’re not sure if you need reduced shank drill bits or which type or how many, feel free to order an assortment of however many you think you’ll need. You can always return the unused portion at any time with no hassle as long as they remain in like-new condition. This can work to your great benefit, as not only will you know you will have access to the drill bits you need throughout your construction job, but you may also qualify for free shipping.

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