Nail-In Anchors

If you operate in the industries of construction or home improvement, nail-in anchors are necessary for timely installations. Suitable for surfaces including drywall, plaster, wood, brick and concrete, these tools allow you to mount light and medium loads for secure placement. FMW Fasteners is your one-stop shop for anchor hardware and accessories, and we offer solutions for projects of all sizes.

Our selection of nail-in anchors reinforces the strength of standard pins you would tack into place to hold items such as photo frames, shelving, electrical boxes and more. We give you the power to better equip your installations to withstand static stress, as each device grips base materials with expansion pieces upon placement. Browse our inventory for nail-in anchors featuring carbon steel, stainless steel and nylon materials for long-lasting results.

What Are Nail-in Anchors?

A nail-in anchor is essentially a nail with a thick housing located at the bottom. These pieces are engineered to be hit with a hammer so that you can fasten belongings and other forms of equipment without damaging a surface. Where a regular nail might loosen over time due to changing temperature, moisture or vibration, a nail-in anchor widens inside materials for exceptional stability.

Customers look to nail-in anchors from FMW Fasteners for setups that take seconds to complete. We stock our inventory to match your project requirements by offering products for both indoor and outdoor use.

Installing Nail-in Anchors

FMW Fasteners stocks our online store with nail-in anchors perfect for customers with various levels of building experience. The first step to installing one of these accessories is to decide which material type is best for your project. Nylon builds are made specifically for indoor drywall, and carbon steel and stainless steel are useful for concrete, bricks and cinder blocks.

Next, decide which size anchor is right for your mounting practice and drill a hole in the base material. Remove your drill bit from the surface and clean the hole using a vacuum and bristle brush. Line up the brackets or item you want to mount, and then hammer the nail-in anchor until the expansion body spreads, permanently locking your fixture in place.

Buy Nail-in Anchors for Commercial Uses

Construction crews and electricians need nail-in anchors when adding the finishing touches to buildings and commercial spaces. These tools are applicable for projects such as roof flashing and attaching electrical boxes to the outside of structures. FMW Fasteners recommends installing stainless steel nail-in anchors when working outdoors, as these units are highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

Residential Uses for Nail-in Anchors

Nail-in anchors are great for do-it-yourself participants looking to take initiative with home installations. Keep in mind that nail-in devices are designed for long-term mounting, so homeowners can engage in activities such as placing layers of plywood for flooring or building shelf units across storage locations. The sky is the limit when shopping the FMW Fasteners online store!

Kick-Start Your Project With FMW Fasteners

FMW Fasteners makes it easy to discover the hardware and equipment you demand for commercial and residential uses. With the option to order in bulk or specific quantities, our online store keeps your indoor and outdoor projects on schedule with wallet-friendly prices that fit your budget. Free shipping is available for all qualified products, and we pride ourselves on hassle-free returns.

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