Drill Bits

Have you ever misplaced a drill bit or experienced downtime because you don't have the proper drill attachments?

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of drill bits for concrete, wood and steel so you always have access to the tools you require. We offer a simple and professional customer experience that allows you to buy drill bits online without hassles or hurdles. When you need specific insert bits, look no further than FMW Fasteners.

Our Wide Selection of Drill Insert Bits

Not all drill bits are created equal. You’ll need different types of insert bits for diverse tasks and materials, so we bring you the toughest and most durable options available — drill bits that get the job done time after time. At FMW Fasteners, our vast selection of insert bits includes the following:

  • - Magnetic Insert Bits
  • - Power Bits
  • - Tamper Resistant Insert Bits
  • - Insert Bit Holders and Nut Setters
  • - Hanger Bolt Drivers
  • - High Speed Stubby Drill Bits
  • - High Speed Jobber Drill Bits
  • - Reduced Shank Drill Bits
  • - High Speed Aircraft Drill Bits
  • - High Speed Long Boy Drill Bits
  • - Auger Wood Drill Bits
  • - SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits
  • - SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits
  • - Spline Driver Hammer Drill Bits


Selecting Drill Bits for Your Applications

An electric drill is one of the most common tools for commercial and residential jobs. These devices are extremely versatile, but users must understand the surfaces they are working with to achieve success on-site. Trying to drill into wood, concrete or steel with an unsuitable bit is a safety hazard and can even damage the bit or the base materials.

The most proactive way to ensure your drill bits stand the test of time is to shop our online store with your requirements in mind. We understand that ordering drill bits can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to home improvement and restoration projects, so FMW Fasteners is here to help you make an educated purchase. We invite customers to click through our selections and take full advantage of the information, as each listing displays further detail about intended use, manufacturing materials, sizing and dimensions.

Drill Bits for Wood

Woodwork and drilling go hand in hand. At FMW Fasteners, we bring you a variety of drill bits for clean installations and mounting objects together. Builders with all levels of experience frequently drill into wood, so we stock our inventory with attachments that support this goal. From crafting your own original furniture to installing suspended hooks around the house, we have task-specific attachments such as Hanger Bolt Drivers and Auger Bits ideal for wooden surfaces.

If you assemble furniture or are looking to repair tables and chairs, our one-stop shop is home to Hanger Bolt Drivers that streamline projects large and small. Drive two-sided hanger bolts into walls, fixtures and more for flexibility and convenience. After you create a pilot hole for your hardware, our drivers allow you to fasten loose connections via machine threads for stability.

Need to drill straight into hardwood or softwood materials? We have spiral-shaped Auger Bits for pulling into heavy-duty lumber without dust and debris. With these tools, you can drill deep into base materials with sharp spurs engineered for smooth results.

Drill Bits for Steel

Discovering compatible drill bits for steel is simple at FMW Fasteners. Generally, products engineered for steel applications will display the words "High Speed" in their title and description. Our experts make it possible to drill into hard sheet metal alloys with Stubby, Jobber, Aircraft and Long Boy bits consisting of titanium and cobalt materials.

Drill bits for steel have to withstand high temperatures and are abrasive with a wide-angled edge. Consider the following information when placing an order from FMW Fasteners:

  • - Stubby Drill Bits: Designed to help you drill in hard-to-reach places for speed and accuracy. The overall length is shorter than that of a Jobber Bit so you can create pilot holes in close corners.
  • - Jobber Drill Bits: A setup strong enough to drill through titanium and stainless steel base materials. Jobber Bits are an industry-standard attachment for steel applications.
  • - Aircraft Drill Bits: Aircraft Bits let you make pilot holes in metal surfaces to reach cavities and compartments of an aircraft.
  • - Long Boy Drill Bits: Long Boy configurations are great for drilling deep into steel surfaces for electrical wiring and roofing jobs.


Drill Bits for Concrete

Drill bits for concrete are also known as "masonry bits," and are tough enough to handle brick, cinder block and types of stone. When drilling into concrete, we recommend the use of a Slotted Drive Shaft (SDS) hammer drill, as these tools chisel away at abrasive base materials repeatedly. The most effective way to shop for concrete drill bits at FMW Fasteners is to focus your attention on products in the following categories:

  • - SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bits
  • - SDS Max Hammer Drill Bits
  • - Spline Drive Hammer Drill Bits
  • - Powers Wedge-Bit™ Carbide Drill Bits


Our concrete drill bits showcase carbide-tip reinforcements for repeated use and help you stay in control on-site. You and your team will experience less breakage and vibration while drilling for assignments involving plumbing, demolition, carpentry and beyond.

Fast and Convenient Shipping at FMW Fasteners

We pride ourselves on quick deliveries and hassle-free returns. FMW Fasteners caters to commercial construction crews as well as do-it-yourself enthusiasts trying to bring home improvement visions to life. We offer free shipping on qualifying products, and we gladly accept like-new returns with no questions asked.

Additionally, we give our customers the option to order products in custom quantities. Secure the exact number of insert attachments you desire through our seamless process for buying drill bits online.

Make FMW Fasteners Your Drill Bit Provider

It’s been more than 30 years since we first started serving construction pros and hobbyists with drill bits, hardware accessories and tools. Channeling over three decades of experience, we constantly perfect and expand our inventory to best meet your demands.

Search our insert bit categories, and place an order at FMW Fasteners today!