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Hex Draw Bolts

If you’re doing any type of job that requires the installation or renovation of countertops, you’re going to need a source for high-quality hex draw bolts. Draw bolts are used to hold countertops together at their joint, providing an even clamping force that holds various countertop components together. As you can imagine, you need the highest quality when searching for draw bolts for countertops. Choosing inferior draw bolts will lead to countertops that aren’t securely installed.

At FMW Fasteners, we supply a wide selection of hex bolt sizes and products. This wide selection ensures you’re able to find hex draw bolts that meet the required specifications. Our zinc-plated draw bolts for countertops meet the highest quality standards, which means you can count on their long-term performance. We’re proud to serve both construction professionals and service contractors, as well as do-it-yourself enthusiasts, with our wide range of hex draw bolts and other fastening solutions.

Browse our selection of hex bolts sizes and products today.