Construction projects require a wide range of specialty nuts and bolts. As any construction project focuses on delivering outstanding results that are on time and on (or under) budget, you need a source for fasteners that delivers great value. That is, you need access to quality parts at affordable prices.

At FMW Fasteners, we ensure you always have fast access to the bulk nuts and bolts you need for the project at hand. It’s important to have a relationship with a dependable, affordable provider of high-quality and durable fastening nuts and bolts, and we’re proud to be that provider to construction professionals and contractors around the world. Not sure what size hex nuts you need for your project? Check out our Hex Nut Dimensions blog post to learn more.

Construction professionals and contractors rely on their unique knowledge, experience, skills and abilities to deliver services that others cannot. But those skills and abilities go to waste when put to use on projects that are using less than the best in materials. That’s why you always need access to affordable nuts and bolts that meet the highest quality standards — so that your skills and abilities are paired with the utmost in parts and components. This combination allows projects of all kinds to truly meet their potential.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer specialty nuts and bolts to construction companies and other commercial entities as well as do-it-yourself individuals who are passionate about their hobbies and projects — and who need access to the best specialty nuts and bolts available. Whether you’re working on a large commercial construction project or a simple home project, we’re here to serve you with the huge selection, quality products and affordable prices you need. Read on to learn more about the nuts and bolts you’ll find in our selection.

An Unmatched Selection of Specialty Nuts and Bolts for Sale

You need selection when working on construction projects. Selection means fast access to exactly what you need when you need it. There’s nothing more frustrating than needing nuts and bolts that meet detailed specifications — and then not being able to find them. Or, almost as bad, you can sometimes find them but they are wildly overpriced or unavailable for weeks.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of specialty nuts and bolts that are unlike anything you'll find elsewhere. Why do we choose to offer this vast selection? Because a wide selection ensures you never have to look elsewhere for the right materials at the right prices. Our selection includes: Cap Nuts, Coupling Nuts, Finished Hex Nuts, Finished Hex Nuts - Metric, Flange Nuts, Heavy Hex Nuts, Jam Nuts, Square Nuts, Keps Nuts, Locknuts, Machine Screw Nuts, Slotted Hex Nuts, Tee Nuts, and Wing Nuts. You can always find our nuts and bolts at affordable prices, and they are always available or on-demand shipping.

Here’s a closer look at just some of the many different types of nuts and bolts you’ll find in our selection:

  • Stainless Steel Nuts: Nuts and bolts are the foundation of any construction project. A bolt is only effective if it’s used in tandem with a threaded nut that makes the fasten tight as can be. When you look at a skyscraper, you may not be thinking about nuts and bolts — but the nuts and bolts used in the construction of that skyscraper were just as important as the exponentially larger steel beams. That’s why you need nuts and bolts that are going to withstand the elements so that your project can stand the test of time. We offer a huge selection of stainless steel nuts that are specially designed for long-term durability. These stainless steel nuts fight corrosion so you can count on strength in your fastening as you create something outstanding that represents the utmost in durability.
  • Hex Nuts: The most commonly used form of nuts are hex nuts. As the name suggests, these hex nuts have six sides that are leveraged for fastening tightly and unfastening when needed. If nuts, in general, are the foundation of even the largest construction projects, hex huts are your go-to nut for forming that foundation. At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of hex nuts that you can order in bulk to ensure you have the finest fastening products available when you want to deliver results. Our stainless steel hex nuts can stand up to the elements and ensure that you're getting the corrosion-free performance you need.
  • Flange Nuts: A flange nut looks a lot like a hex nut at first glance, though it does have one addition: a flange at one end that serves as a kind of washer. The beauty of a flange nut is that you get the performance of a washer without needing an extra part and without keeping with all of the different components during installation. Why would you need a washer in the first place? A washer serves to better distribute the nut’s pressure over the surface against which it’s being installed, so there’s a far smaller chance of damage or even of the nut loosening over time. Of course, the last thing you want is a loose nut, which is just one of the many reasons why construction professionals choose flange nuts.
  • Machine Screw Nuts: Machine screws are much smaller than bolts and they have socket heads for driving. But machine screws most often work in tandem with machine screw nuts that make fastening much more sturdy and dependable. When you're working with machine screws and you want the best nuts for fastening them securely, check our selection for a wide range of both square and hex machine screw nuts. As with all of our components, you'll find that these machine screw nuts offer the utmost in corrosion-resistant performance that helps them stand up to rigorous conditions over the long term.
  • Square Nuts: While hex nuts are the most commonly used type of nut, you can almost always find a need for square nuts during the course of your project. Square hex nuts are often used in tandem with square head bolts and they deliver one huge benefit over hex nuts: a square nut's edges are far less likely to become rounded and unusable over time. Use a square nut in tandem with a washer and you’ll get fastening that’s incredibly strong, damage-free and easy to unfasten again if needed.
  • Locknuts: Nuts sometimes need to perform in machinery that vibrates — which can loosen a traditional nut over time. That’s why locknuts are such a popular choice in the automotive industry or when working on machines that cause vibration. Lock nuts are actually designed so that a portion of the fasteners is elastic and can deform for a purpose: to lock the nuts into place. As with our entire selection, our locknuts are available in a wide range of different specifications, and you can count on them to perform over the long-term under even the harshest conditions, like the conditions you might find under the hood of a car or inside heavy machinery.
  • Wing Nuts: It's sometimes essential that a nut be fastened and unfastened by hand. In these cases, wing nuts are often a popular choice, because the two wings are often easy to turn by hand. Of course, we are here to serve all construction professionals on all projects, and so we offer a selection of fastening solutions that will meet almost any need. You'll also find a wide range of wing nuts that can be used as specialty fasteners in certain conditions where they are appropriate.


Trust FMW Fasteners as your supplier of specialty nuts and bolts to ensure you’re getting the parts and materials your project needs. We make sure you always have access to the nuts and bolts needed for your next project and that you get them at prices that won’t break your project budget.

Making Your Life Easier

You don’t have time to go searching around the hardware store or browsing all over the Internet trying to find the hex nuts or other bulk nuts and bolts you need. Time is precious when you’re working on a project under a tight deadline, and time is even more precious when you’re running your own business and dealing with all of its demands. At FMW Fasteners, we make your life so much easier with our huge selection.

You’ll enjoy competitive pricing plus free shipping on orders over $100, which means you stay within budget. You can also order the exact number of hex nuts or other specialty nuts and bolts you require, and you can return your purchase at any time if it doesn’t work for you. We’ve found that our customers truly appreciate this approach. It takes the pressure off them to accurately estimate how many nuts and bolts are needed before a project begins. This is a customer-focused process that seeks to deliver nothing but the best in bulk nuts and bolts as quickly and efficiently as possible for your next project or job.

In short, we’re here to serve a higher purpose. Our goal is to make sure anyone taking on any type of project has fast and easy access to parts and materials, nuts and bolts, that will help those projects reach their highest potential. You can find plenty of providers that offer quality fasteners at affordable prices, but you may realize that the fasteners aren’t as high in quality as you’d like or that hidden costs drive up the overall price.

You’ll never deal with those types of surprises when you order nuts and bolts from FMW Fasteners.

Order With Confidence

One of the greatest challenges for both firms and individuals is ordering materials in the right quantity. Sometimes you under-order, not wanting to spend money on materials you won’t end up using. But then you have to replenish your supply once you run out. And sometimes you over-order, not wanting to have to stop your work to replenish your materials. But then you’re left with fasteners you don’t need after the project is complete.

At FMW Fasteners, we provide solutions to these problems. You can always replenish your supply quickly and affordably using our customer-focused online shopping experience. And you can always return what you don’t want or use at any time after a project is complete, as long as the materials remain in like-new condition.

No matter who you are or what type of project you’re working on, timeline and budget matter. At FMW Fasteners, our approach to orders and returns helps ensure you are able to keep your project on schedule and under budget.

Choose FMW Fasteners for Nuts and Bolts

It’s been more than 30 years since we first started connecting construction pros and do-it-yourself enthusiasts with high-quality hex nuts, fastening nuts and other specialty nuts and bolts. That’s more than three decades of knowledge and experience that we bring to each client engagement. We’ve been able to stay in business and serve customers like you because of our commitment to offering quality, fast and affordable solutions.

If there’s one lesson that we’ve learned through the years, it’s that a blend of quality, speed and affordability is a winning combination that our clients have always appreciated and will always need. You can find plenty of providers of bulk nuts and bolts, but you won’t find the same combination of quality products and service excellence as what you’ll find when you choose to work with FMW Fasteners.

Think about your next project and what you want it to be. And then remember that nuts and bolts will serve as the fastening foundation of that project. Are you willing to compromise the quality of your project by paying bargain-basement prices for poor-quality products? Are you willing to compromise your project’s integrity by settling for fastening solutions that almost meet your specifications — but not quite?

You never have that problem when you choose FMW Fasteners as your source for high-quality nuts, bolts and other fastening solutions. Make sure your project reaches its full potential when you count on FMW Fasteners for your nuts and bolts.

Search through the categories listed on this page and simply add the specialty nuts and bolts you need to your cart.