Flat Socket Cap Screws - Metric

In unique situations, you may find you need flat socket cap screws metric and their partially threaded shafts. When you do need flat socket cap screws metric, you need them to be tough, durable and reliable — and that’s exactly what you’ll find at FMW Fasteners.

Our selection of flat socket cap screws metric includes black oxide, zinc-plated and stainless steel options, each of which means durable performance and strength against corrosion and degradation. Choose the material that best meets your needs, and find flat socket cap screws metric that meet your exact specifications.

What Are Metric Flat Cap Screws?

Metric flat cap screws are one version of metric cap screws and have their own specific uses. They feature a low profile and a countersunk head, and they are usually comprised of alloy or stainless steel with different finishes such as plain, zinc or black oxide. Metric flat cap screws require using an Allen wrench, also known as a hex key, for installation and removal.

At FMW Fasteners, we have all the metric flat cap screws you need to accommodate your project's needs. When you purchase from us, you'll get exceptional corrosion and chemical resistance and lasting impact resistance from our fasteners. Plus, you can trust the high-quality materials that go into every metric flat cap screw to deliver long-term value.

What Are Metric Flat Cap Screws Used for?

The design of metric flat socket cap screws makes them perfect for any application where you need a strong fastener with a flush mount. Other projects with moving parts that need to pass over a fastened area can also benefit from metric flat cap screws since the screws mount flush with the surface and don't snag objects moving above.

Metric flat socket cap screws are commonly used in these industries and applications:

  • Professional construction
  • Small-scale homeowner projects
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicle construction
  • Engineering
  • Furniture creation

Use metric flat cap screws in situations where you need long-term durable performance and when there is a need to achieve cosmetic appeal. These screws are flexible and have streamlined design features that are great for multiple industries and jobs. Our reliable fasteners will give you dependable performance even in tight spaces in machines, tools, vehicles and more.

You can even use metric flat socket cap screws for small-scale projects around your home. These fasteners are easy to use, and you only need a hex-socket wrench to apply them. Whether you need to secure moldings where there's little headspace or want to secure thin strips, metric flat cap screws will help you get the job done.

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Browse our selection of metric flat socket cap screws today to find the right fastener for your next project.