When working on construction projects and around-the-house jobs, you can count on alligator anchors to secure fixtures to any material. These versatile plastic anchors allow you to secure bolts and fasteners to many challenging materials, including hollow walls. Simply create a hole in the wall, insert the anchor so that it fits tightly and screw the bolt or fastener into the alligator anchor to enjoy the strength and security it brings to an otherwise difficult job.

A Strong Anchor for Any Job

At FMW Fasteners, we offer the fastening products you need to complete high-quality home and construction projects. Our alligator anchors ensure that the fixtures they hold stay firmly in place, resisting spin, countersink and pull-out.

Alligator anchors are designed to hold heavy loads in walls, ceilings and floors. Unlike other anchors, however, they can remain secure even in materials with imperfections and cavities, such as hollow brick or drywall.

When you use an alligator anchor, a screw entering a hollow space will expand the jaws of the anchor and lock into its teeth, allowing fixtures to resist vibration and shock. By expanding to fill empty space, these unique anchors lock out moisture and adapt to the material at hand.

The unique design of the alligator anchor also allows it to hold up to two times more weight than metal and chemical anchors. The plastic plug uses friction to bond to materials such as brick, concrete and masonry, increasing its strength.

If you're looking for an anchor to hold heavy fixtures securely in place in a wide range of materials, you can feel confident that alligator anchors will get the job done. Use them safely in any material, including drywall, brick, concrete, tile, plaster, wood and stucco.

Alligator Anchors for Commercial Construction

Alligator anchors can help you put the finishing touches on a home or commercial building project. No matter what material you're fastening to, you can count on these anchors to hold lighting fixtures, railings, plumbing fixtures, door and window framing and more securely in place.

Commercial construction projects that last rely on high-quality materials. At FMW Fasteners, you can find alligator anchors in a variety of sizes, sold alone or paired with self-tapping zinc screws. Whether you need to buy in bulk for your business or want just enough for a single project, we can supply the exact number of anchors you need at an affordable price.

Alligator Anchors for Home Projects

We also work with homeowners and hobbyists who need high-quality fasteners to get a job done right. No matter what kind of surface you're working on, you can use these trusty anchors to safely mount fixtures and decorations. From bathroom accessories to heavy, flat screen televisions, you'll never need to worry about them falling down or shifting in place.

If you're working on a home project that requires anchors, consider buying from FMW Fasteners. We'll send you the exact amount of screws and fasteners you need — no more and no less — so that you can finish your project easily without any unneeded, easy-to-lose components left over.

Get High-Quality, Affordable Alligator Anchors From FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we pride ourselves in offering a large selection of fastening products. We provide everything from alligator anchors to concrete screws, wood screws and more. Whether you're a construction professional looking to buy in bulk or a do-it-yourself enthusiast who needs high-quality anchors and fasteners for your next project, we have a vast selection of affordable fasteners for you to choose from.

Every project needs strong anchors and fasteners. For work with any material, alligator fasteners provide security and lasting results. Browse our selection of alligator anchors, toggle alligator anchors and other fastening products today.