Concrete Screws

Are you in need of high-quality, durable and reliable concrete screws for your next project? Whether you’re a construction professional or a do-it-yourself homeowner, you’ll find a wide selection of concrete screws at FMW Fasteners — your premier source for affordable hardware solutions.

We place an emphasis on quality because we know our products pave the way for outstanding results. Make sure you’re doing your best work when you choose FMW Fasteners for concrete screws and other accessories.

What Are Concrete Screws?

Concrete screws are a cost-friendly way to fasten objects to concrete, brick and cinder block without the use of an anchor insert or shield. These devices resemble standard screws but showcase unique threads for gripping inner layers of masonry materials across walls and flooring. As long as you have a hammer drill with a carbide-tipped bit attachment, the process for installing concrete screws takes minutes to complete.

FMW Fasteners invites customers to shop our selection of concrete screws with slotted hex and Phillips flat head configurations. Our screws are available in multiple styles, including some with ceramic coating, and will stay in place for long-term mounting applications.

Benefits of Concrete Screws

Builders with all levels of experience love concrete screws for light to medium weight projects. This form of fastening technology appeals to professional construction teams as well as homeowners because the screws are removable and reusable, and several of these options utilize protective coatings to resist corrosion. If you want to fasten hardware or fixtures to masonry, concrete screws have high pullout tolerances and require smaller pilot holes compared to alternative methods.

Screws for concrete self-tap as you drive them into base materials and surfaces. In situations where head clearance is a top priority, Phillips flat head varieties are engineered for a flush appearance. You'll have the ability to install concrete screws with the standard tools you already have on hand, which keeps your projects right on budget.

Our concrete screws are often used to secure flashing, insulation, plywood, gutters, thresholds, fixtures, beams and much more. Make sure you’re achieving maximum holding power with Titen® screws for concrete at FMW Fasteners.

Steps for Screwing Into Concrete

Start your concrete screw installation by lining up the objects you wish to fasten and drawing drill points with a pencil. Equip your hammer drill with a carbide bit that is just smaller than the diameter of the screw. Put tape on the bit of your hammer drill to mark the proper depth, then create a pilot hole for the concrete screw.

Remember to remove any dust from the area using a brush or vacuum. Guide the concrete screw through the item for mounting, and insert the device into the pre-drilled opening. Use an electric drill on a low-level setting to drive the concrete screw into the base material until you feel some resistance along the head.

How to Use Concrete Screws

FMW Fasteners recommends drilling pilot holes deeper than the length of concrete screws for maximum hold. Additionally, always double-check that your drill is set to lower speeds when fastening products into concrete, as this helps prevent the stripping of base materials. In the event you want to remove a concrete screw, always drill a new pilot hole before reusing the hardware.

The Best Concrete Screws for Commercial Applications

Construction crews and professional installers from all over the country come to FMW Fasteners for concrete screws. Brick, cinder block and masonry are at the core of building projects involving restaurants, hospitals, hotels and schools, so our products help you stay on track to meet deadlines. Impress your clients with concrete screws that let you perfect the following jobs:

  • - Installing wooden support beams
  • - Attaching plywood to basement walls
  • - Securing pipes and ductwork
  • - Building decks and lofts
  • - Directing water drains and flooding systems


Concrete Screws for Residential Projects

The experts at FMW Fasteners want to assist with personal projects and home renovations. Our collection of concrete screws makes it possible to improve storage space around the house both indoors and outdoors. We frequently see property owners thinking outside the box with their ideas for concrete screws, such as:

  • - Installing shelves in the basement
  • - Designing and building backyard sheds
  • - Making a privacy fence for an in-groundpool


Competitive Pricing and Fast Shipping

When you need screws for concrete, there’s little time to waste. That's why you turn to FMW Fasteners for a selection that assures you have access to what you need, when you need it.

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Order Screws for Concrete at FMW Fasteners

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