Bulk Cotter Pins and Dowel Pins

Cotter pins and dowel pins are essential in construction projects when dependable fastening is of the utmost importance.

At FMW Fasteners, we make getting the cotter and dowel pins you need simple and easy. We offer a wide selection of products as well as a streamlined customer experience for repeat success on-site. The days of striking out at the local hardware store are over thanks to our selection of cotter and dowel pins in an array of materials, sizes, styles and more.

What Are Cotter Pins and Dowel Pins?

Both cotter pins and dowel pins appeal to builders with all levels of experience, as these devices work to keep pieces of machinery, structures, and fixtures in place for extended periods. Cotter pins are frequently used by mechanics and do-it-yourself fanatics who want threaded bolts to hold set levels of tension after installation. Featuring a two-prong design, cotter pins insert into bolt holes and expand along the sides of a nut to prevent components from loosening.

Cotter pins are a cost-friendly way to reinforce bolt connections with locking technology. If you operate in industries where base materials such as wood and metal are exposed to vibration, changing temperatures and moisture, try cotter pins from FMW Fasteners — these devices install in seconds for consistency between projects and easy maintenance.

Dowel pins are cylinder-shaped fasteners engineered to join two or more base materials together. These units are involved in the assembly of machines and structures and can function as hinges and axles around heavy loads.

Installing Cotter Pins

Begin the cotter pin installation process by tightening a bolt connection to your desired level of tension. Look to see if your threaded hardware has a pre-drilled hole just below the nut on the threading. If there is no hole present, equip an electric drill with an appropriate size bit for your cotter pin and create your own.

Guide the prongs of your cotter pin through the opening until the head of the device makes contact with the bolt. Locate a set of pliers, and bend the prongs outward in opposite directions toward the cotter pinhead. Cut off the excess length from the prongs to prevent material-snagging or injury, and your installation is complete.

How to Install Dowel Pins

Dowel pins from FMW Fasteners drop down into pre-drilled holes for a snug fit. Our inventory showcases dowel pins with chamfered edges to make installations as smooth as possible. Remember that our selections are to be installed by pressing machines rather than striking units with a hammer.

Start your placement procedure by aligning base materials for attachment and making sure openings are free from debris. Guide one end of the dowel pin into the opening on your base material, and apply enough pressure to sink the hardware into the slot. Repeat this step for the number of dowel pins necessary for your project.

Line up the second item for fastening according to the current dowel layout. Use a pressing machine to secure the assembly together properly. Depending on your project, lubricants or adhesives may help to establish the connection.

Commercial Uses of Cotter Pins and Dowel Pins

With our ever-expanding inventory of cotter pins and dowel pins, FMW Fasteners caters to construction crews as well as commercial businesses. Typically, we see our cotter pins involved in the manufacturing of motorcycles, forklifts, and ATVs. Our devices are effective in fastening wheels, engine parts and exhaust systems that must adapt to changing environments. However, cotter pin setups are also great for mounting HVAC machinery and ductwork for schools, hotels, restaurants and more.

The dowel pins on our online store are a vital part of commercial assignments taking place indoors and outdoors. Professionals can use our products for applications such as building furniture and mounting cabinets.

Cotter Pins and Dowel Pins for Residential Projects

Experts at FMW Fasteners encourage homeowners to browse our one-stop-shop for cotter pins and dowel pins. Our collection enables you to save time and money by completing projects yourself. Whether you have been searching for cotter pins to restore a classic car or enjoy woodworking and need dowel pins for cabinetry, FMW Fasteners brings you solutions for ideas large and small.

Fast, Affordable and Effective Solutions

You are our priority at FMW Fasteners. We supply stainless steel cotter pins, zinc-plated cotter pins, stainless steel dowel pins and beyond to meet your hardware needs.

Benefit from free shipping on all qualifying products, and return unwanted accessories at any time as long as they remain in like-new condition. You can purchase in the exact quantity you desire rather than ordering in preset increments, and we do sell dowels and cotter pins in bulk amounts. We deliver not just high-quality products, but customer service you can count on.

Order Bulk Cotter and Dowel Pins at FMW Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we believe all projects deserve the right tools for the best possible results. We pride ourselves on being an integral part of our customers' commercial and residential assignments.

We’ve been in business since 1986, which means we’ve had more than 30 years to perfect our selection, shipping processes, and customer support. Be sure to check out our online store and place your order for cotter and dowel pins at FMW Fasteners today!