Flat Socket Cap Screws

Flat socket cap screws are rapidly growing in popularity for professional construction and small-scale homeowner projects because of its versatility, streamlined design and durability and easy-to-use hex-socket wrench head style. With these superior qualities and flat head design, the socket cap screws available at FMW Fasteners are an ideal heavy-duty fastener solution for securing thin strips, moldings and light sheet metals where minimal headspace and smooth clearance are top priorities.

At FMW Fasteners, we carry all of the socket cap screws you’ll need, including a number of different types of flat socket cap screws available in various material types, sizes and quantities to easily accommodate your project's needs. Read on to learn more about your different head and material options as well as a few of the common uses for flat socket cap screws.

Quality Socket Head Screws for Any Project, Only at FMW Fasteners

Socket cap screws are essential to a number of projects and manufacturing processes, and it’s often a good idea to have a wide range of socket cap screws available at all times. While the socket cap screw category is broad, you’ll find a number of ways to winnow down the category to more specific products.

You can choose from among a number of different socket cap screw head options, including flat socket cap screws. You can find flat socket cap screws made from a wide range of materials, too.

Different Socket Head Types

Not all socket cap screws are created to serve the same needs and project requirements. Here’s a look at your five most commonly used head options:

  • Socket Head Cap Screws: These types of screws feature a head height equivalent to the shank’s diameter. This is the strongest of all the head types you’ll find in socket cap screws, but it can’t be used with a traditional hex nut because the attachment won’t be strong enough.
  • Low Head Cap Screws: On low head cap screws, the head’s height is only about half the shank’s diameter. You see low head cap screws used most often in places where the user is experiencing head height limitations.
  • Flat Head Cap Screws: When you need to drive a socket cap screw in flush, choose flat head cap screws. You’ll find a variety of countersink angles depending on whether you’re using standard or metric measurements, but beware that installing a fastener with a countersink angle that does not match the angle of the hole can lead to fastener failure far sooner than normal.
  • Button Head Cap Screws: Perfect for fastening thin materials and for tamper-proof applications, the button head cap screws features a much larger head diameter. It’s also a good replacement if you’ve tried slotted or Phillips fasteners that continually strip during installation.
  • Socket Shoulder Screws: The shoulders of this type of screws are ground for tight tolerance, which means these screws are perfect for pivot points and axles.


Uses for Flat Socket Cap Screws

Where do you most often find flat socket cap screws? Flat socket cap screws are best used in areas where both cosmetics and long-term, durable performance are considerations. Due to their flexibility and streamlined design features, flat socket cap screws are often used for securing light-weight metal panels, facilities with moving parts that need unobstructed clearance and even furniture creation.

They’re also often used in the construction of vehicles, machinery, tools and in some engineering applications. Flat socket cap screws are just small enough and just tough enough that they are ideal for delivering long-term and reliable performance in tight spaces like those you would find in machines, tools and vehicles.

Common Flat Socket Cap Screw Materials

Almost all flat socket cap screws are made of high-strength steel. You’ll find options that are made of stainless steel and black oxide alloy steel as well as other tough materials that are proven and tested in harsh environments — such as those under the hoods of vehicles or within the casings or machine tools.

At FMW Fasteners, our flat socket cap screws are available in alloy steel, zinc plated steel and 18-8 stainless steel. All of our socket cap fasteners are crafted using the highest quality materials available and thoroughly tested to ensure lasting performance and durability. With our selection of high-strength steel flat socket cap screws, you'll experience the following:

  • Exceptional Corrosion and Chemical Resistance: Each of our steel screws — including the zinc coated, alloy steel and 18-8 stainless steel — are specially manufactured to offer corrosion and rust resistance. 18-8 stainless steel is especially durable in a variety of harsh environments, including food processing centers and healthcare facilities, and many forms can resist chemicals and specialty liquids.
  • Lasting Impact Resistance: All our flat socket cap screws are crafted to withstand heavy-duty environments and can endure fast-paced environments without becoming damaged or unexpectedly failing.
  • Dependable Performance in Nearly Any Environment: Use our flat socket cap screws in nearly any type of work environment without fear that the materials will become damaged or corrode over time. However, 18-8 stainless steel is not recommended for spaces or facilities located in coastal areas or spaces with high salt water exposure.
  • Improved Site Aesthetics: Available in a variety of finishes, our flat socket cap screws provide a clean, flush look with coatings to seamlessly blend to any surface for better visual appeal.
  • Long-Term Value: By trusting high-quality materials and intricately crafted products for your project, you can expect to save money in long-term costs by avoiding premature part replacements.


You can also find flat socket cap screws with different heads and different threads. Choose carefully to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want and need in a flat socket cap screw. For assistance selecting the right type of flat socket screw for your project specifications, reach out to our experienced professionals. Our team has the experience and expertise necessary to understand diverse needs and circumstances and can offer guidance on the best fasteners to ensure dependable performance.

Why Choose Flat Socket Cap Screws

Flat socket cap screws are best in areas where space is tight. That’s why they so often find use in tools and machinery, where space is at a premium and casings often cannot accommodate more substantial fasteners. Because they’re so small and because they’re used in such tight spaces, flat socket cap screws must be made from the toughest materials and tested to prove their strength in performance.

Flat socket cap screws — and other types of socket cap screws — are known for their safety, reliability and affordability.

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