Insert Bit Holders & Nut Setters

When you are constantly using a drill to insert fasteners, you can never have enough insert bit holders. These drilling accessories are vitally important to your work, so you need bit holders that can perform under harsh conditions and provide the utmost in durability. That’s exactly what we offer at FMW Fasteners.

In our selection, you’ll find ¼ bit holders and insert bit holders of various sizes. Order as many as you want, and get free shipping on all orders of $100 or more. Also, you can always return what you don’t want or need as long as the product remains in like-new condition. We serve construction professionals and do-it-yourself enthusiasts alike because we believe everyone deserves access to high-quality bit holders that can help deliver outstanding results. When you want nothing but the best, you want to get your insert bit holders from FMW Fasteners.

What Are Bit Holders and Nut Setters?

Bit holders come in a variety of sizes and configurations based on the fastening attachments you're using. Our range of bit holders are designed for multiple industries and specifications and will help you avoid any slipping or wobbling when driving screws. When you use the right insert bit holder, you can protect your fingers and securely keep your fastener in place.

Also known as nut driver bits, nut driver setters, hex nut setters and more, nut setters are used in place of a screwdriver and are inserted into an impact driver or another power tool. Nut setters come in a variety of options and are best for high-torque applications where you would usually manually operate a driver handle.

What Are Bit Holders Used for?

Insert bit holders and nut setters are fastener accessories you can't live without. When you need a high level of precision, you want a bit holder that will eliminate human error.

The right insert bit holder will help you:

  • Achieve greater efficiency
  • Provide added convenience
  • Create a positive outcome of any screwing or drilling job
  • Eliminate unsteadiness

Our bit holders are extremely durable and allow you to complete your work faster and more accurately. Once you purchase one, you'll find bit holders will drive screws into difficult-to-reach places and help you achieve a professional job even when completing a high-torque application.

What Are Nut Setters Used for?

Nut Setters are used to drive hex head nuts and screws for a variety of jobs and applications. You can insert them into a power tool or impact driver instead of manually using a screwdriver. When you use a nut setter with an impact driver instead of manually operating a driver handle, you can achieve greater efficiency and precision.

Various industries use nut setters:

  • Assembly work
  • Automobiles
  • Machines
  • Construction

Just like bit holders, nut setters are incredibly durable and will give you a strong resistance against any twisting or breaking. The reliability of nut setters also ensures you'll get complete accuracy while keeping your screws securely fastened. Whether you're working on a job site or simply doing some work on your home, our nut setters and bit holders make a significant difference in keeping you safe and helping you excel.

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FMW Fasteners has a large selection of insert bit holders and nut setters for your needs. We offer free shipping with qualified orders and hassle-free returns. With competitive pricing and unmatched customer service, we'll make sure you find the right nut setters and bit holders for your next job or project. Browse our selection of insert bit holders today.