Keps Nuts

Are you searching for that indispensable piece of hardware that can effortlessly make every job or project easier, faster and more manageable? While some of these features may be found in certain fasteners or nuts, only Keps nuts can provide users with versatility and simplicity to streamline any building or manufacturing use. Keps nuts are one of the most common types of lock nuts available and are a popular option for many because of their convenience and ease-of-use.

Also known as washer nuts or K-nuts, Keps nuts are essential for construction and service professionals who need nuts with a free-spinning washer head attached. The independently spinning washer head features serrated teeth that, when installed, provide superior, lasting tension against a material for better security. These teeth also prevent the nut from loosening, even in areas with heavy movement and vibrations. At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of Keps nuts, including different dimensions to ensure you can always find what you’re looking for.

Why Use Keps Nuts

With so many different types of nuts and washers available, why should you choose Keps nuts over other fasteners? Keps nuts are especially useful in building and assembly line operations where efficiency, accuracy and cost-effectiveness are important. Several reasons to consider keeping Keps nuts handy is that they are:

  • Reusable: With their durable, distinctive design, Keps nuts can be uninstalled from one surface and easily reused in another when your needs change. To ensure you can get the most from your Keps nuts, it’s crucial to install the piece properly. The serrated, spinning teeth are what create a secure hold onto a surface, and if the nut is over-torqued, the teeth will be flattened against the material, and the Keps nut will fail to perform properly. Also, by reusing Keps nuts, you can save money by avoiding replacement costs and by only needing one piece versus two.
  • Versatile: When you need a secure, long-lasting fastening product, you can rely on the Keps nut to offer unmatched performance for any need, from general construction to machinery to electronics.
  • Effective: The stationary nut and freely spinning washer head are especially effective for time-sensitive projects and long threaded assemblies. By combining two essential pieces of hardware into one convenient fastener you can increase the speed and efficiency of assemblies by eliminating the need to slip the washer in place by hand, reducing human error. Having Keps nuts on hand also means you can simplify your inventory.

Only the Finest Fastener and Keps Nuts Products from FMW Fasteners

FMW Fasteners is your most trusted source for Keps nuts for sale because we ensure that all of our products are specially crafted according to the highest manufacturing standards — we can promise that all of our customers receive quality Keps nuts and fasteners that meet their budget and performance expectations. Our Keps nuts are available in a variety of sizes and heights with either a zinc coating or made from exceptional 18-8 stainless steel for long-term, dependable use in any environment without succumbing to early wear, damage or harmful corrosion. With our advanced ordering and inventory system, you can order as few or as many Keps nuts as you need for your specific project.

When You Need Dependable Fasteners, Trust FMW Fasteners

We’re committed to meeting the highest quality standards with our products, which is why you’ll find stainless steel and zinc-plated K lock nuts in our selection. Enjoy competitive pricing each and every day, and take advantage of free shipping on all qualified orders. Also, return what you don’t want or need at any time — there’s no expiration on returns at FMW Fasteners, as long as the materials remain in like-new condition.

Keps lock nuts are important for the success of a wide range of different projects. Make sure you’re able to deliver the best possible results when you choose FMW Fasteners for your keps nuts and all of your other fastener solutions. Browse our selection and find the K lock nuts you need today.