Cap Nuts

Cap nuts stand as an essential piece of hardware for many different construction and service projects. Also known as acorn nuts, crown hex huts, blind nuts or domed cap nuts, these fasteners help protect and hide the protruding ends of bolts.

As a vital finishing piece, you need these nuts to meet standards for superior performance and durability in various environments. FMW Fasteners remains committed to supplying products that match your expectations in every regard.

Finding Your Ideal Cap Fasteners

At FMW Fasteners, we offer an array of different bulk acorn nuts, including stainless steel and nickel-plated options, that ensure your project meets the highest quality standards and that it will fight against rust and deterioration. All options consist of a hex nut and a top cap, and their materials vary depending on the category you choose.

Our 18-8 stainless steel nuts are available in 12 different sizes that range from 6-32 to 3/4-10. These nuts consist of 18 percent chromium and 8 percent nickel to improve overall corrosion resistance while maintaining its high strength and temperature tolerances.

The nickel-plated acorn nut comes in 10 variations, and it consists of carbon steel, an affordable and sturdy material that will give you a lot of flexibility in how you use it. Its nickel plated on the exterior creates a sharp look and increases resistance to outside elements.

If you need help with finding a cap nut style that works well for your requirements, you can always reach out to discuss matters with our customer service team. We're familiar with the entire inventory, and you'll speak with someone who understands hardware and will suggest appropriate solutions.

Applications for Cap Nuts

Both available options offer that refined look for aesthetic appeal, as they can serve as the final piece to completely bring your item together. More importantly, crown hex nuts conceal potentially damaging ends of bolts and cap screws, which might scratch other items that get near them or injure people who have exposed skin and interact with them. All it takes is a few rotations of a wrench to tighten the nuts into place, and you'll have some pieces of hardware that will provide multiple benefits.

Cap nuts also help with maintaining better insulation for different applications, like buildings, airplanes, cars and boats. You'll find them in many other products and machines, including electrical cabinets and industrial equipment. The nuts have improved vibration control to keep the connection secure over time, and they can work to distribute the fastener's load across a broader area to ease stress — performing similarly to spanner washers in that regard.

Get Your Cap Nuts From FMW Fasteners

Between superb logistics and a diverse inventory, we're uniquely equipped to meet every demand and meet it quickly.

Ultimately, we aim to satisfy you in any way possible. You can order bulk acorn nuts in the exact quantity you need rather than settling for some arbitrary amount that's often nonnegotiable for other distributors. Enjoy free shipping on orders of $100 or more, and enjoy FMW Fasteners’ commitment to competitive pricing. If you order more than you want or need, you can always return what you don’t need, hassle-free, at any time — as long as the acorn nuts remain in like-new condition.

Ready to buy cap nuts online? Browse through our selection and find the bulk cap nuts you need for your next project.