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The Wall-Dog™ is the ideal solution when your project calls for swift and dependable wall mounting for masonry products like wallboard. When you choose Wall-Dog anchors, you receive corkscrew-like threads that secure objects, grip the inside layers of surfaces and reinforce holds. Wall-Dog anchor screws leave behind minor holes compared to other fastening solutions, and this makes them one of the most effective and attractive options for both light and heavy weight support.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a huge selection of anchor products for commercial and residential uses. We have everything you need for a job well done and will gladly steer you in the right direction toward anchor screws for long-lasting results. Our wall fasteners can meet various project specifications and deliver premium durability to hold up shelving, fixtures and appliances, decor and more. Explore what we have to offer to fit your drywall anchor requirements.

What Are Wall-Dog Anchors?

You can think of Wall-Dog anchors as reinforced screws for mounting fixtures, trims, personal belongings and home decor. Where standard screws and nails loosen over time, creating cracks in surfaces, a Wall-Dog anchor is a one-piece solution that installs in just seconds. At FMW Fasteners, it is our mission to bring customers versatile equipment for diverse jobs, so you can discover products for drywall, plaster, brick, cinderblock, concrete and wood.

For your shopping convenience, our experts provide additional information alongside each product listing to help you find the most applicable Wall-Dog fastener for your tasks. We'll let you know if pre-drilling is required, which screw head styles are available and how many units come in a box versus carton. You can trust our experienced team to address the logistics for you, making sure you have the right fasteners and keeping the process hassle-free.

Installing Wall-Dog Anchor Screws

Unlike other mounting techniques, Wall-Dog fasteners are free from plugs and housings. You can simply drive these devices directly into your base material until they are flush with the masonry. However, harder materials such as poured concrete will call for pre-drilling to secure loads.

Start your installation by marking the mounting spot with a pencil to guide your anchor screws. If your project calls for pre-drilling, locate the packaging instructions to see which drill bit size is suitable for your anchor. Drill a pilot hole deep enough to fit the Wall-Dog anchor screw, and make sure to clear the opening of any dirt, dust and debris using a vacuum or compressed air.

Thread the item you wish to hang on the wall, and remember to include any installation washers specific to your project. Finally, locate a screwdriver or use the proper drill bit to fasten the anchor along the wall until you feel some resistance. Repeat this process if more than one Wall-Dog anchor screw is necessary for mounting.

The Benefits of Using Wall-Dog Fasteners

Wall-Dog anchors on our online store are an excellent route for both long-term and short-term fastening. These products are equipped with a unique threading design that prevents excess drill spinning and minimizes your chances of stripping base materials and screw heads. You have the flexibility to fully remove and reuse the devices between projects, and selections are available with zinc-plated coatings for improved corrosion resistance.

Plan on using our Wall-Dog anchors indoors? Browse our inventory for color options that blend in with frames and borders such as Black, White, Bronze, Brass and Chrome. We offer a range of options to help you find the ideal wall fasteners for your projects. 

For outdoor use, the corrosion-resistant plating and durable design help provide reliability for your applications. However you're using these drywall anchors, you can be confident they'll deliver ongoing performance and durability.



Wall-Dog Fasteners for Commercial Applications

Fastening products make life so much easier when you’re in the business of commercial construction. Make sure you always have access to the Wall-Dogs you need with correct specifications by choosing FMW Fasteners as your hardware provider. We pride ourselves on connecting teams to our vast selection of anchor screws and work closely with commercial construction firms that need specific materials as quickly as possible.

Construction crews rely on our Wall-Dog anchors throughout all stages of building. It used to be difficult to find durable, compact tools for fastening, but our one-stop shop is home to solutions that streamline your daily activities on the job. Some of the most common commercial applications for our fasteners include:

  • - Locking down plumbing pipes and fixtures
  • - Attaching smoke detectors
  • - Installing electrical components and fuse boxes
  • - Sealing off ductwork for HVAC systems


Small to medium-sized businesses can buy our light-duty wall anchors in bulk for various project types or order smaller amounts to meet one-off specifications. Our flexible ordering options help you get precisely what you need for your construction requirements.

Wall-Dog Fasteners for Residential Jobs

Are you a do-it-yourself enthusiast who needs Wall-Dog anchor screws for an upcoming project? We work with homeowners and specialists just as often as we partner with construction companies. We know you want to create professional-looking results with personal projects, so we offer materials that help make that possible.

FMW Fasteners aims to bring your home improvement vision to life, so our products are fantastic for indoor decorating and storage. Use Wall-Dog anchors for hanging up mirrors, family photographs, movie posters, canvas paintings, bulletin boards and anything too heavy for a standard screw. Our professionals save you the time and expense of hiring out jobs you can complete on your own, such as updating shelves, cabinetry and bathroom accessories.

Our wall anchors for hanging various decor, shelving and other items provide the optimized performance you need in the quantities and specifications you want. We'll work with you to provide professional supplies that are user-friendly and reliable at a cost-effective price point.

FMW Fasteners Offers Hassle-Free Returns

Need your Wall-Dog anchor screws now? When you order from FMW Fasteners, you can count on fast and affordable deliveries with free shipping on all qualified products. You can order in the quantity you need rather than settling for a preset amount, and everything in like-new condition is eligible for return with no questions asked.

Available in bulk or small numbers, our fasteners for the wall are versatile enough to handle a range of project types and help you get the job done easily and efficiently. Our premium-quality product comes with hassle-free ordering and shipping that's perfect for your needs. Plus, we'll handle all the logistics and freight requirements to deliver your package as soon as possible. Trust us as your supplier for drywall anchors and the other fasteners you need for your work.

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