Socket Set Screws - Metric

When you’re using a socket set for an upcoming project, or when you use it on a regular basis, you need tough, durable socket set screws metric to go with it. At FMW Fasteners, we offer a wide range of socket set screws metric that meet a number of different specifications — so you always have access to the specific parts and materials you need for your work.

What Are Metric Socket Set Screws?

Metric socket set screws are used to hold one object to another such as securing a pulley or a gear to a shaft. They usually don't have a head, which is also known as blind. With no head, the screw is completely threaded and doesn't have any components above the thread.

After you pass the metric socket set screw through a hole on the outer object, the screw will tighten that object against the inner object to prevent movement between the two. These screws use a force through the bottom tip that will radiate through the hole and clamp or compress the objects together. 

At FMW Fasteners, we have a wide variety of metric socket set screws that range in size, tip style, materials and more. Our variety ensures we have a metric socket set screw that meets your needs no matter what you're using it for. For example, a cup point set screw has a rounded tip for excellent grip while a flat point screw gives you more contact with the shaft.

What Are Metric Socket Set Screws Used for?

Many industries and applications use metric socket set screws to achieve a greater level of safety and reliability. These screws are commonly used in industrial and mechanical devices, typically within assemblies that have rotating items such as pulleys or wheels. Components locked onto a shaft on these pulleys or wheels are the perfect application for metric socket set screws.

Metric socket set screws come with many different main points. The seven different options all serve a different purpose and determine the screw's function. Before you purchase a particular fastener from FMW Fasteners, you need to determine which point is best for your application and needs.

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