Wedge Anchors

Are you in search of consistent performance when mounting in concrete? Wedge anchors from FMW Fasteners are the answer, with torque control, stainless steel construction and dependability you can trust. Concrete wedge anchors are essential for commercial construction projects, and they're often helpful for do-it-yourself home projects too.

At FMW Fasteners, we serve you and your projects with a vast selection of concrete anchors, hardware and accessories. When you demand quality, affordability and value, browse our inventory to find the ideal wedge anchors for your upcoming responsibilities.

What Are Wedge Anchors?

Wedge anchors resemble carriage bolts but are hammered into concrete base materials for fastening fixtures, equipment and machinery. Consisting of a threaded anchor body, expansion collar, washer and nut, this four-piece system is one of the most reliable ways to permanently secure loads for success onsite. Upon installation, our products grip the inner layers of concrete surfaces to combat the effects of moisture and changing temperatures.

Wedge anchors are appealing to customers with all levels of experience since the mounting process takes just minutes to complete. As long as you have a hammer drill, mallet and adjustable wrench, you can achieve incredible holding power for outdoor appliances, brackets, plates and beyond. The wedge anchors on our online store are great for attaching heavy weight loads without splitting sections of poured concrete.

How Does a Wedge Anchor Work?

The holding value of a wedge anchor is based on the dimensions of the device, the quality of base materials and how far the tool is embedded into the concrete. Larger wedge anchors can withstand more tension, as the expansion clips sit deeper in the ground for overall stability. Selecting the proper anchor size for your applications will depend on the thickness of your fixture and minimum embedment requirements for safe mounting, but all of our devices work in a similar fashion.

Wedge anchors drive down into pre-drilled holes for fastening. Each threaded anchor bolt has a wide piece that activates expansion grips once you tighten the nut included with your order. Your device takes the shape of the pilot hole as you increase tension with each clockwise rotation of a wrench.

Installing Concrete Wedge Anchor Bolts

Start the installation process by identifying the mounting location and marking drill points with a pencil. Equip your hammer drill with the appropriate carbide bit (same size as the diameter of the anchor), and drill a pilot hole large enough for the expansion collar to pass through. Thread the item you want to fasten, and remember to place the washer and nut back on top of the bolt. Use compressed air or a vacuum to remove dust and debris from the area.

Place the expansion clip in the hole, and tighten the nut down several threads from the top of the anchor before hammering. Strike the wedge anchor bolt with a hammer or mallet until the washer and nut are flush with the concrete surface. Finally, use an adjustable wrench or socket-based tool to tighten the nut, and repeat this process if more than one wedge anchor is necessary for installation.

Commercial Applications of Concrete Anchors

Commercial construction firms are constantly mounting in concrete. Make sure you always have access to the quality concrete wedge anchors your work requires by making FMW Fasteners your hardware provider. We offer only the best in stainless steel wedge anchors, and our online store is always expanding with the latest mounting technology. From zinc-plated concrete anchors to galvanized units, we are your one-stop shop for timely deliveries and hassle-free returns.

Construction crews and professional installers look to our online store for anchors and accessories that streamline daily tasks. Working with concrete demands careful attention to detail, but the high corrosion resistance of our products makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor jobs. FMW Fasteners wants to build a relationship with your team, so consider our concrete wedge anchor bolts for the following applications:

  • - Fencing concrete areas
  • - Adding support beams to structures
  • - Attaching handrails to concrete stairs
  • - Fastening ductwork and HVAC machinery
  • - Placing park benches and outdoor furniture
  • - Installing outdoor light fixtures

Residential Uses of Wedge Anchors

Need concrete wedge anchors for a do-it-yourself project? You’ll find the wedge anchor options you need at FMW Fasteners. Of course we are proud to serve large construction firms, but we also cater to individuals who want to achieve professional-grade results with personal projects.

Concrete wedge anchors are excellent for enhancing storage space around the house. If you have an unfinished basement with concrete walls, you have the ability to mount wooden cabinets, coat racks and even bookcases capable of handling excessive loads. Our collection of wedge anchor bolts allow you to think outside the box for home gyms, outdoor sheds, built-in swimming pools and so much more.

Order Concrete Anchors in Custom Quantities

When you have urgent mounting jobs on the agenda, count on FMW Fasteners. You’ll find fast and affordable delivery options as well as free shipping on qualifying products. We let you order in the exact amount you need rather than preset quantities.

In the event you order more than you need, send back like-new extras at any time for a full refund.

FMW Fasteners Carries the Best Wedge Anchors

Find project-specificconcrete wedge anchors at FMW Fasteners. We offer a wide selection of products so you can enjoy unlimitedaccess to the materials you rely on for a job well done. Browse our wedge anchor options today, and place an order at your earliest convenience!