Beveled Washers

When you spend enough time working on a variety of construction projects — whether for clients or for yourself — you’ll find the need for a number of unique fasteners and fastening accessories. Beveled washers aren’t necessarily common fastening solutions, but they play a key role in specific situations. And when you need a beveled washer, no substitute will do.

Continue reading to learn more about flat vs. beveled washers, and contact us if you need support or guidance as you seek the right materials for your next project.

What Are Beveled Washers?

You sometimes need to fasten to surfaces that are not parallel. If you try to use a traditional washer, the connection will be loose and destabilized. But, if you use the right beveled washer, that same connection will have the tightness and stabilization you want. While flat washers are used to fasten two parallel surfaces, you'll want a beveled washer to bolt unparalleled surfaces together.

Beveled washers are also known as "hillside washers" because of the way they slope uniquely to one side. They're often involved in structural work when there's shimming or leveling to be done. Channels and beams are not always parallel in structural work, which is why beveled washers are such an important fastener type for construction professionals to keep on hand. For the utmost in stability, beveled washers are often your best choice.

If there’s one thing you can always count on at FMW Fasteners, it’s quality. Our beveled washers for faucets and other projects meet the highest quality standards, and each is designed to deliver long-term performance that you can count on. When you need to do your best work, FMW Fasteners delivers the beveled washers and other materials required to meet that objective. You should never have to sacrifice quality for affordability, which is why we offer products of the highest quality at affordable prices.

What Are Beveled Washers Used For?

Some products, projects and industries use these components constantly. They're often used for I-beams and channels in structural applications to compensate for the unparallel surfaces. In addition, beveled faucet washers are relied upon for various plumbing applications. For your project, you'll want to determine the size of the washer required as well as what angle you need the bevel to have.

At FMW Fasteners, we offer a range of beveled washers for plumbing and other applications. We regularly serve both B2B and B2C operations with beveled faucet washers and other fastening solutions that are used by manufacturers, construction professionals, sign companies, installers, do-it-yourself enthusiasts and others. No matter what type of project you’re planning for, and no matter what type of fastener you need, we have the solution.

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