Wing Anchors

When working on construction projects, there is a constant need to hang heavy objects on-site. This is why winged toggle bolts are so helpful and essential to have on hand. Toggle wings feature threaded bolts as well as gripping supports that expand after installation for mounting artwork, trims, hooks and more.

At FMW Fasteners, you'll find a variety of winged toggle bolt sizes, and you can use these products for vertical and horizontal installations. Our mounting anchors are dependable, and you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best of the best in toggle wing performance when you choose FMW Fasteners as your hardware provider.


The Need for Toggle Wing Anchors

Construction and home improvement professionals require toggle wing anchors when working with sensitive base materials. In the event you want to hang light to a heavy fixture on wallboard, plaster or drywall, these types of anchors distribute mounting tension on the outside of a surface rather than between thin inner layers. This process eliminates the need to mark up walls using standard nails and screws that loosen over time thanks to vibration, overloading and temperature change.

Toggle wing anchors enable you to hang personal belongings, home decor and wall art exactly where you want without having to worry about the nearest stud or wooden beam. We encourage customers with all levels of building experience to place an order for wing anchors from FMW Fasteners for an installation process that takes only minutes to complete. As long as you have an electric drill and a screwdriver, nothing is stopping you from following your project vision.

Installing Wing Anchors

The wing anchors on our online store are some of the most reliable mounting tools available for indoor use, and they feature a unique installation method. Start your setup by drawing a pencil mark where you want to mount an object, and drill a pilot hole just large enough for the toggle or "spring wing" to pass through. Use a compatible anchor bolt to thread the item you wish to mount, place the toggle on the end of the connection and ensure you have the wing tips angled toward the screw head.

Clamp the wing anchor closed with your fingers, and feed the attachment through the hole in the wall until you hear the accessory open up on the opposite side. Pull the object or fixture you are mounting away from the wall, and tighten the wing anchor using a screwdriver. If there are multiple wing anchors involved in your project, repeat this process with matching resistance for balanced results.

Benefits of Wing Anchors

Toggle bolt anchor assemblies are a permanent mounting solution, but you can remove these tools from drywall by unscrewing them. Unless you have access to the opposite side of a wall, the wing section can only be used one time, as the piece falls to the ground when the main bolt is detached. FMW Fasteners wants you to get the most out of your hardware, so our collection of wing anchors is excellent for replacing anchor parts that are out of reach.

Having extra wing anchors helps you to avoid project downtime if you are new to the technology. FMW Fasteners carries complete toggle bolt anchors, but our individual wings give you the flexibility to keep up with changing plans on-site. Easily expand into new opportunities with durable zinc materials showcasing high corrosion resistance.

Toggle Wings for Commercial Projects

If you work in commercial construction, you are familiar with the issue of hanging objects without stud support. We understand that you want to stay on time and budget with any given project, so FMW Fasteners has affordable prices and fast shipping options at your convenience. Our experts cater to your assignments, with toggle wing anchor products arriving on time and in the correct quantity.

Teams large and small can incorporate toggle wing anchors for support and stability. If your business is in charge of remodeling commercial buildings such as schools, restaurants, offices or hotels, consider our devices for mounting shelves, coat racks and decorative mirrors. FMW Fasteners gives you access to the resources you demand for repeat success.

Toggle Wings for Residential Applications

Looking to kickstart your own personal project? At FMW Fasteners, we don't just serve construction firms and contractors. We also work with do-it-yourself enthusiasts who have hobbies and projects going on around the clock. You can enjoy the same access to high-quality toggle wings as commercial professionals while keeping your costs low thanks to our competitive pricing.

Create the perfect home layout using toggle wing anchors for interior design and routine storage. We save you the headache of hiring out jobs that you can complete yourself, such as putting in new towel racks or mounting a set of curtain rods. FMW Fasteners wants you to stay in control of your home, so be sure to browse our inventory for the latest products you can rely on.

Ordering Your Wing Anchors from FMW Fasteners

The FMW Fasteners advantage starts with quality and affordability. You get an incredible blend of strength and performance at the lowest possible price, translating to true value. While other providers offer bulk orders in set amounts, we let you choose the exact number of winged toggle bolts you want. 

Order more than you need? Send back anything you don’t use and we'll issue a refund,no questions asked. As long as the materials remain in like-new condition, there’s no return expiration date to worry about.

Our winged toggle bolts are in stock and ready to ship, so place your order with FMW Fasteners today!