Jam Nuts

Jam nuts are important to construction and service professionals who want to securely lock standard nuts into place. When you’re looking for a wide range of jam nut dimensions and a quality supplier from which to buy jam nuts online, look no further than FMW Fasteners.

What Are Jam Nuts?

A hex jam nut is a type of nut that's applied to a fastener to secure a primary nut in place or used in spaces where a standard size nut won't easily fit. Jam nuts are half the size of a regular nut with a lower profile and typically less than half the overall height.

Jam nuts are most often used in projects where a standard nut needs to be locked or clamped in place without applying force to the secured object, often with soft materials that shouldn't be damaged. They're also often needed on threaded rods that don't have a bolt head or to attach an item to a bolt while allowing it to freely, securely move.

Using Jam Nuts For Your Next Project

When installed properly, hex jam nuts tightly lock bolts in place and provide resistance to even the heaviest vibrations — that's why jam nuts are often used to effectively secure parts in automobiles and mechanical equipment. For the most reliable, efficient securing results, it's crucial to install the jam nut and regularly sized nut in the proper order. Using two nuts on a threaded bolt is not the simple solution. A specific process must be followed to achieve the long-term locking effect.

Keep in mind the following process to properly fasten jam nuts and regular nuts:

  • Always put the jam nut onto the bolt first. Tighten the jam nut against the joist 25 to 50 percent of the total tightened torque. By exceeding this limit you'll accidentally negate the locking.
  • Holding the jam nut steady to prevent additional rotation, tighten the standard heavy nut to its full torque.
  • When the regular nut contacts the jam nut and tightens, the tension placed on the jam nut will be relieved, and the bolt threads that were touching the bottom of the jam nut will move until they are touching the top of the flanks.
  • Once the regular-sized nut has been fully tightened, the threads engage with the bottom flanks of the nut, and as the bolt moves and vibrates, the threads will turn causing the nut and jam nut to push against each other, preventing the bolt from moving. By placing the jam nut on first followed by the standard nut tightened correctly, the locking mechanism will provide superior performance and have greater force resistance.

Quality Jam Nuts For Sale Only at FMW Fasteners

When you need exceptional, dependable locking power, look no further than the jam nuts at FMW Fasteners. We offer a wide variety of high-quality jam nuts in several sizing options to easily accommodate your project needs for longer lasting results.

At FMW Fasteners, our selection of jam nuts are specially crafted from durable materials for long-term performance including:

  • Zinc Plating: Many builders trust zinc plated nuts and fasteners because of their affordability, eco-friendly properties and reliable corrosion resistance. With zinc coatings, the underlying steel of the nut will have superior, long-lasting protection against rust. Keep in mind, zinc coatings will lose their effectiveness if scratched or exposed to a marine environment.
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel: Crafted from 18-percent chromium and 8-percent nickel, 18-8 stainless steel is specially designed for superior performance and rust resistance and won't fail if accidentally damaged.

Explore Our Variety of Jam Nuts Today

At FMW Fasteners, we pride ourselves on offering a huge selection of high-quality fasteners, jam nuts included. These fasteners are designed and manufactured for durability so that your projects stand the test of time.

When you choose FMW Fasteners from among jam nut suppliers, you’re able to order the exact amount needed rather than settling for some arbitrary quantity. You can also return what you don’t want or need at any time, as long as the materials remain in like-new condition. Take advantage of everyday competitive pricing, and enjoy free shipping on qualified orders.

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