AutoFeed | Collated Screws

From drywall to wood studs to subfloor, numerous materials require fasteners that are both secure and easy to use. With autofeed screws, you get the capabilities you need for the job regardless of your exact applications. Work with FMW Fasteners to find the best fit for your next project and equip yourself with versatile screws that fit whatever you're working on.

How PAMFast Screws Can Serve Your Applications

PAMFast screws offer an intuitive design for precision and speed, allowing you to work efficiently to screw along subfloor, decking and other similar materials. The entire autofeed screwing system delivers consistent drives while operating smoothly without jamming, cam-out or bit grinding. This solution can improve your overall project productivity and help you get jobs done sooner.

Decking Screws for Construction Companies

Commercial companies taking on decking or subfloor jobs, drywall installations or other large-scale projects need high-performance screws that help lessen labor requirements. Using our autofeed screw solutions can help your crew accomplish more on the job while staying safe and accurate.

With products from FMW Fasteners, you get durable zinc-plated screws designed for demanding projects. You can order customized quantities for smaller projects or purchase in bulk for larger-scale work. Whatever your needs, you can trust us to help you source your fasteners at an affordable cost.

Autofeed Screws for Homeowners

FMW Fasteners also offers solutions for do-it-yourselfers and home improvement enthusiasts taking on residential projects. We understand that you need the best supplies to help you improve your home, and we're here to help with high-quality solutions at competitive prices. Whether you're installing a new subfloor, fixing roof tiles or tackling another job at your home, you can rely on our products.

We offer screws in the precise quantity you need, so you don't have to worry about over- or under-ordering based on lot size. The purchasing process is fast and user-friendly — just choose the right size and type of autofeed screws and request the number you need.

Why Choose FMW Fasteners?

You can expect to get trusted solutions for your project applications when you work with us. We're committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for all our product offerings, so you can be confident you're getting optimal value from your purchase.

As your trusted supplier, we offer competitive prices to make completing your commercial or residential projects affordable. Plus, when you place an order, you'll get fast and free shipping so you can tackle your next project stage sooner.

Find High-Quality Subfloor Screws for Your Projects

With our wide-ranging selection of locknuts and other fasteners, you can keep your operations running seamlessly with the right products. Whether you're tackling professional or DIY work, partner with us to find high-quality solutions to match your needs.