Large Toggle Bolts

Toggle bolt wall anchors feature two-part construction that includes a spring wing toggle and a machine screw. These tools provide strong fastening performance for hollow base materials like wallboard and drywall. At FMW Fasteners, you can find a wide range of toggle sizes to suit your mounting needs in combo and flat mushroom setups.

We are your leading provider of fastening materials, and our customers come from all industries to find high-quality wall anchors on our online store. FMW Fasteners separates itself from the competition by providing the large toggle bolts you need for commercial and residential projects.

Why Use Toggle Bolt Anchors?

Toggle bolt anchors are ideal in situations where you don't have access to wooden beams or studs for mounting objects. Featuring a reinforcement wing that permanently lives on the opposite side of a wall, these pieces prevent homeowners and builders from weakening sections of drywall through the use of standard screws and hardware. Construction crews and home improvement experts know just how delicate hollow base materials can be, so our products are designed to apply fastening pressure to the outside of a surface rather than between soft inner layers of drywall and plaster.

Toggle bolt accessories from FMW Fasteners are best for installations involving static loads. You can trust our anchors to secure items in your residential or commercial space as long as connections are tightened using a screwdriver. Toggle bolt wall anchors are user-friendly, install in a matter of seconds and appeal to customers with various levels of experience for outstanding results.

How to Install Toggle Bolt Wall Anchors in Drywall

To install a toggle bolt anchor, start by drilling a pilot hole in your base material, ensuring it is large enough for the toggle to pass through. Thread the item you want to mount using the included bolt, and then spin the toggle attachment on the end of the hardware, with the tips of the wings angled toward the screw head. Use your fingers to clamp the toggle closed, push the device through the hole and allow the toggle to spring open on the other side of the wall.

After the toggle is fed through the wall, pull back on the assembly until you feel some resistance from the anchor. Use a screwdriver to pull your mounted item closer to the wall, and repeat this process if more than one toggle bolt is part of your installation.

Large Toggle Bolt Tips and Tricks

Installing large toggle bolts is straightforward, but having a second person on-site to help you secure components is suggested for bigger installations. Keep in mind that the size of a toggle bolt attachment will determine how much tension the device can hold. If you need assistance with selecting hardware and equipment for your project, FMW Fasteners includes additional information alongside each of our product listings.

Unless you have access to both sides of a wall, toggle bolt anchor wings can only be used once. Take your time with installations before pushing the toggle through the pilot hole, and remember to thread the wings far enough down on the machine screw for a balanced grip.

Toggle Bolts for Commercial Projects

Our customers are the heart of our business, and we’re proud to serve commercial construction professionals and contractors through our one-stop shop. Construction teams rely on us for anchor solutions, so we stock our inventory with cutting-edge technology for repeat success.

We help keep projects on time and on budget by quickly delivering affordable toggle bolts for drywall and other hollow materials. You’ll find plenty of options when searching for toggle bolts online, but FMW Fasteners is the source you can trust for quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service.

FMW Fasteners carries the best toggle bolts for construction crews and builders in charge of large projects. If your team works with shelving or cabinets, place an order for our accessories for support and stability. Eliminate the guesswork behind wallboard and drywall with products that cater to sensitive surfaces.

Toggle Bolts for Residential Applications

Property owners benefit from large toggle bolts, so we’re proud to serve home improvement specialists and do-it-yourself enthusiasts from around the country. You can enjoy access to our collection of toggle bolt wall anchors and other fastening products for professional-grade results. When you need the best in toggle bolts for drywall, count on the selection and team you’ll find at FMW Fasteners.

Discover the perfect mounting tools for family photographs, posters, decorative mirrors, canvas paintings and anything else you need to fasten around the house. Toggle bolt wall anchors stay in place as long as you need them and are a great option for installing some of the following fixtures:

  • - Bathroom towel racks
  • - Curtain rods
  • - Wooden trims
  • - Coat racks

Buy the Best Toggle Bolts in Custom Quantities at FMW Fasteners

FMW Fasteners is dedicated to fulfilling and shipping orders as quickly as possible. You can order our products in bulk or distinct amounts, and free shipping is available for qualified purchases. If you are unsure about how many toggle bolts your project needs, you can relax knowing there's no expiration date on returns, and all like-new purchases are accepted no questions asked.

Ready to get the best toggle bolts online? Find exactly what you need across our inventory, and secure the large toggle bolts necessary for your next project by placing your order today!